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Cologne Mission Help
RichinOKC  posted on Apr 23, 2007 10:14:15 AM - Report post

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Any words of wisdom on how to get through this mission. I have tried all of the tips provided in game guide but to no avail. You get to a certain point where you just don't have enough firepower to stop all the Scrin aircraft. The devastator warship sits too far out of range and just pummels everything with plasma discs and then the Planetary Assault carrier unleashes numerous Stormriders that wipe out everything else. I've been told to build Mammoths and lots of them....but they move to slow and a Rig can't even keep up with repairs during these onslaughts.

It's these types of missions and one-sided advantages that make me want to throw the damn CD in the garbage.

I'm not looking for cheats....just some of advice by those that were able to get past this mission.


Kaizer  posted on Apr 26, 2007 6:50:16 PM - Report post

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At least there is somebody that feel the TRUE GAMEPLAY for C&C 3 campagin that ALWAYS pits handicapped player against CPU player that had many advantages !!!

For Cologne initial campaign
2. Use your commando A LOT, I say again A LOT !!! let him regenerate his health to be full before each fight (if he injured)
3. Garrison your other unit especially the missile squad in the building
4. To eliminate enemies safely, u must make the veteran commando to lure the enemies to your garrisoned building and if u can, lure the enemies to fire upon the commando (not the building or zone trooper) while your other unit fires to that enemies, your commando can take a lot of punch even from the Scrin vehicle (use your jet pack a lot to gain advantages if u feel there are too many enemies)
5. Make your initial infantry unit (especially) to become veteran without too many casualties
6. Us your commando to kill the shock troopers (never use any infantry even zone trooper proved useless cuz it can't kill WITHOUT CASUALTY or fast !!!)
7. Needs a lot of micro management for your units
8. Its very important to keep ALL YOUR INITIAL UNIT ALIVE (2 zone trooper, 1 commando, 2 missile squad, 2 infantry) until the end cuz its proved very useful cuz they are veteran ! and its help A LOT !!!

For base building:
1. After u capture the bonus objective capturing power plant, immediately repair the sonic emitter (its pack enough power to hamper the land Scrin units that will attack your base)
2. Send your harvester to blue tiberium (give more money)
3. Build a lot of AA turret, I say again A LOT !!
4. Use your sniper and Juggernaut (from capturing reinfor bay) to attack enemies base defense (manage your sniper carefully and use hit & run tactics)
5. I suggest don't waste your money to Firehawk cuz almost useless (if few and too expensive to become your fodder to enemies fire) cuz u must had a lot of Firehawk to stand against Scrin planes and its expensive (better to waste your money to make AA turret and Mammoth)
6. Timing your attack carefully (after the Scrin carrier plane destroyed, manage all your unit to attack!!!)
7. Beware of enemies Scrin attack from behind (using planes) so build some AA turret in back of your base, especially near the stadium
8. Never attack with less than 10 Mammoth with rail gun to finish the Scrin base once for all (its needs a lot of patience)!!
9. Hope a lot of LUCK !

I hopes its help u ! sorry too for my bad English, hehehe...

mikoto  posted on Apr 26, 2007 11:02:23 PM - Report post

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also dont attack the main scrin base til after youve cleared out the right side of the map.
the scrin will go for the tiberium to the right, as well as the resources southwest of map
Kaizer  posted on Apr 27, 2007 6:11:34 PM - Report post

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Yeah and don't forget to save and load if u feel u had make a irreversible mistakes in placing the defense turret, make units, etc

Plz beware cuz after u destroy Scrin harvester, it will create an ion storm that can devastated the attacker forces quickly
So after u harras en destroy the Scrin harvester, move your attacker unit !!!
Beware of stromrider raid behind your defense line, it will actually come from the direction of stadium area

david200110  posted on Apr 28, 2007 5:12:00 AM - Report post

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I find a good site for help in these difficult ones is the Gamespot guide. They provide walkthroughs for each mission.


If you have the Kane Edition, this mission is used as one of the strategy guides.


[Edited by david200110, 4/28/2007 5:19:37 AM]

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