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Glitch Guide
Zackman  posted on Mar 23, 2007 11:37:40 PM - Report post

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A. Superjump glitch
While running towards an object you can jump over, tap A+B really fast a few times with the lancer
equipped to superjump forwards way over the object. This glitch is highly useful, and is the source of
many other glitches.

B. Roadie run and shoot glitch
This must be done on gridlock. Equip the lancer and near where you spawn where there are 3 boxes,
go towards the first ones stairs. Superjump until you are hovering at the edge of the top left corner of the
box. You MUST start the super jump at a angle at the top of the stairs. Then do the SWAT turn going off the
side, you will not jump down you will just crouch. Point down at the ground and start shooting, try to wiggle
around and fall down. Once you do you will be roadie running and you can shoot at the same time. Meleeing, diving,
or anything that is not running and shooting(besides reloading and changing weapons.) will result in the glitch
to stop working.

C. Infinite grenades glitch
For smoke grenades: Stand over a smoke grenade with a single smoke grenade equipped, while standing over the smoke
grenade throw the current one in your hand and quickly press X to pick the other one up, once picked up immediatly
start tapping the B button. Your hand will show as you are holding a invisible grenade and your grenade count
is now displayed as 00. You can tag people as many times as you want but a lot of smoke causes lag.

For frag grenades: The same method it is just more difficult, you have to have 1 single frag and be picking up
a set of 2.

D. Chainsaw yourself glitch
Note: You will not die, you'll just start wiggling around and blood with come out of you.
If you are HOST, press and release "B" and "X" quickly while standing over a lancer on the ground.
If you are not HOST, press and hold "B" and quickly press and release "X".

The method for the HOST is easier to accomplish. If you are NOT the host and do the host method,
it will make your weapon's invisible. (Credit to youtube for this one.)

E. How to get out of the maps

1. Mansion: First replace your shotgun(gnasher) with the hammerburst.
Right where you spawn and go up the stairs(the COG spawn at the start of the game.) there is
a little box. Superjump ontop of it and then walk along the side/top part of the gate/wall and you will be out.
For complete freedom, shoot down at the invisible wall that is not allowing you to explore any further with the
hammerburst, active reload and then you should be able to jump down.

2. Escalation: Go down 3 flights of stairs on the left side of the top spawn. Super jump along the side of
the stairs, walk along the gate and you should be out.

3. Fuel depot: Go into the depot where there are shelves of chlorox looking bottles. Shoot them down and near
the small wall to the right of both shelves, put a bottle in the left corner. Crouch ontop of it agaisnt the wall,
look back while agaisnt the wall and jump up, you will fall through the map and be able to run around underneath.

F. How to pick up a weapon while moving
Simple, just run towards the weapon, press A+X in the direction towards where you want to move while picking it up.
Works great to prevent getting your head blown off by a sniper.

If there are any questions feel free to ask.

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