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help meee at grand st.
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    onimushahuhu posted on Mar 04, 2007 8:36:31 PM - Report post
    can some one tell me please..i canot go in for searching time folder..at grand st.can anyone tell me how to get in pelease..im now in front at this two damn gates..one gates tell the mark crest of the sun..and another lock gates...
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    dx_44 posted on Sep 10, 2008 8:36:39 AM - Report post
    hi....awak malaysia kan??
    bleh saye cakap malaysia...
    u see the teleport??(to switch samonoske 2 jack)..
    u enter the teleport...
    u must push the button harder...
    when i at grand st. i stuck 2...
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    gundi1234567890 posted on Oct 08, 2008 6:51:44 AM - Report post
    get to the time warp at the beginning of the street and send Ako back to Jacques.Face away from the time warp to use it.There Jacques have to fight a brief fight with Heihachi.After the fight Vega Donna jumps down from the building. use the firelfy to get up to the balcony. Enter the
    door and Go into the garden and
    charge up your fire whip. There are four torches on the wall so light three of
    them and then wait until the gate that is moving up and down hits the ground
    then strike the torch. This should give you plenty of room to get under the
    gate. Once under the gate, grab the Main gate key. Now wait until the gate
    hits the ground to swing your sword. If you hit it at the right time it will
    cause the gate to raise all the way up. Go under the gate and out the opposite
    door. There is another time folder here so send the
    main gate key to Samanosuke. Now that Samanosuke has the main gate key, you
    can unlock the green gate at the end of the street. Up the stairs is another
    map to the cathedral. Run up the curved path. Finish the genma and then pick up the sun crest.
    Return to the main street and use the suncrest to open the other gate.At the top, looking over ther street is a treasure box contianing the red eye
    stone.Go back to the
    street below and send the red eye stone to Jacques. When Jacques recieves the
    red eye stone, go through the double doors near the time folder. Right when
    you go through the door there is a stone covering with a sun,moon and a star.
    There is also a goats head statue that is missing an eye. Use the red eye
    stone and push the head in to remove the cover. You have to complete a set of
    three puzzles by walking over tiles in the order of Sun-Moon-Star.Once you complete the puzzles the
    spiral ramp becomes a stair case that allows you to access the doors. If you
    enter the first door the gate keep for the dark realm will be there. If you
    choose to go to the dark realm and you get the green orb, you have to send it
    to Samanosuke because jacques cant use the green orb to open the chest on the
    first level. Return back to the spiral staircase and smash the two crates at
    the end. This will release two fireflys, return to the top of the steps and
    use the fireflys to jump to a bridge. Go through the opened door and drop
    down. Defeat the Nurabis plant and pick up the power jewel. The red door is
    locked so you will need to find the key. Unlock the gate to get to the stairs.
    Exit the spiral stair case and defeat the enemies that await. Smash the crate
    to get another firefly. Take this one and go to the top of the towers, there
    you can get Ako's orange vest. Return to the time folder and send Ako back to
    Samanosuke. Make your way over to the curved stair case and enter the golden
    double doors.The giant machine in
    the room is the machine Guildenstern was talking about. Pick up the Time lab 4
    and enter the dark circle. This will transport Samanosuke to a parallel
    universe were the colors are different and the camera will twist and cause
    some odd visuals, but it is still the Arc de Triomphe. Make your way to the
    entrance and slay the Nurabis in front of it. Work your way to the roof, were
    a powerful combination of Ouija, Gacha, and Dongacha await. Use the Chigos
    magic attack to eliminate the powerful enemies. Then grab the red key out of
    the box. Another time rift appears so step into it and press x to return back
    to the normal world. Quickly run up the stair case and save your game. If you
    want you can go back to the dark realm, it is still in the same place. send the red
    key to Jacques. Regain control of Jacques Then return to the stair case. Use the fireflys to make it back
    to the red door. Eliminate the genma Leave the room Go back up the spiral stair case and
    defeat the genma after you go through the doors.Then use the firefly to return to the garden area.Use the firefly to drop back down to the courtyard.Use the key given to you by Heihachi in thelocked room in the courtyard.ickup the genma plant that was left behind. Then return to the balcony and send ako to
    Samanosuke. Once you gain control of Samamosuke, the genma plant is already
    full grown and reaches above the ledge. Use this to get down to the courtyard. Enter the store room. Smash
    the boxes and get the iron gear from the treasure box. go
    back to the courtyard and climb back up to the balcony. Send the iron gear to
    Jacques. Once you get the iron gear, use it on the set of gears on the side of
    the gate. Once it is in place pull the lever to raise the gate. Go through the door that is to the left of the platform and keep
    walking until Jacques gets stuck. This will trigger a scene were Jacques is
    trapped and gas is leaking in. After that gain conrol of michelle and lead her to Samanosuke on the roof(Make sure Henry is not far behind)Regain control of Samanosuke and get the soul
    braclet. Save if you want and enter the building. Defeat all the Genma that
    get in your way and go to the basement. There Henri is trying to crack the
    code on a lock device
    This next puzzle you have to hit the buttons in
    certain sequence five times. The buttons will flash on the upper part of the
    screen, but here is the solution to the puzzle:
    1st lock: up, down, triangle
    2nd lock: up, down, triangle, x, circle
    3rd lock: up, down, triangle, x, circle, down, up
    4th lock: up, down, triangle, x, circle, down, up, square, left, x
    5th lock: up, down, triangle, x, circle, down, up, square, left, x, x, right
    After you do that the gas will stop and the door will become unlocked. Once
    Samanosuke, Henrin and Michelle return to the previous room, Ranmaru Mori
    appears on a screen. After you get out of the building go out in the street to fight Gertrude(the big dog) once again.
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