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Tenth Colossi
281knilBlink182  posted on Feb 11, 2007 6:50:51 PM - Report post

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Dude how do you beat the tenth Colossi you know the second snake the one in the sand its impossible
Draco_doom  posted on Feb 20, 2007 5:16:10 PM - Report post

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nobody cares, get a life.............AND ALL OF YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................
baseballnut  posted on Feb 20, 2007 7:15:09 PM - Report post

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well to answer the question use your bow and shoot the pockets under his belly if i'm thinking of the right colossus, then his fins will drag the ground and then you can ride your horse and climb up the fins
drakkehn  posted on May 06, 2007 3:19:17 AM - Report post

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YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE POO POO DOG FACE!!! I HATE IT WHEN YOU CALL MR CHUBBY A NOOB!!!!! TO YOU AND WRATHLOS YES HE IS A NOOB BUT NOT TO THE PWIZARD!!! Mr Chubby the #10 colossus is the sand snake i presume because i just beat him 2 days ago.Mount your noble steed Agro and run for life. Once you get the sand snake to follow you. If you can use your arrow to look behind agro and shoot the sankes eyes when they come up hell get all mad and run him self into a wall, might even run into you if you dont move agro before he crashes. then ride over to the snake when he hits the wall and stab at the sankes vital pionts when climbing his back. If i was specific all you got to do is (1) shoot his eyes,(2)let him crash in to a wall. (3) run to the snake and climb his back. and (4) stab the old grandma worm.I STILL HATE YOU DOG !!!!!!!!!!!
datsun240z  posted on May 08, 2007 9:02:56 AM - Report post

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This colossus isn't too difficult, but you do need fairly competent with a bow
and riding a horse. This colossus is a giant sand worm, note its giant eyes.
Its primary attack is ramming into you, this causes a huge amount of damage.
To avoid this devastating attack, you can stand on one of the rocky parts of
the pillars. To be able to reach the creature's vital point, you need to shoot
it in the eye. This is done entirely by horseback, mount Agro and get a good
running after the colossus. Agro is really fast, and he can easily outrun the
colossus. Get a good running speed in front of the colossus and then use your
bow to shoot one of its eyes. Shoot as many arrows as necessary until you conn-
ect with an eye. The area is large and wide open, so Agro has a long runway,
allowing you to let the horse run by itself while you shoot the colossus.

You can hold L1 to lock on to the colossus so you know where it is. When you
have managed to hit one of its eyes, the creature will be temporarily blinded,
it will crash into the cave wall or a pillar. At this point, dismount Agro and
climb up the incapacitated colossus. Equip your sword and strike the now visi-
ble vital point on its lower back. After while the creature will return to the
sands, at this point use the same method as you did before to be able to
reach his second vital point. The colossus may close his eyes, in this case
just wait until you see them open and then shoot them. The second vital point
can be found on its upper back. Move up its back with your sword equipped and
when the symbol becomes visible, strike it as many times as required to finish
off the beast.

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