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zl33pi_driv3rz  posted on Dec 17, 2006 4:24:19 PM - Report post

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Here's how to get $1 mil AND a FULL GARAGE OF BOSSES' CARS:

- Start the game with the Camaro SS, do not upgrade anything until you are challenged by Angie (Boss Race). ONLY get the NOS Tier 1 Race upgrade, it's enough to beat Angie. You can even lower the car to 50% max (improve steering).

- This is important: BEFORE enter the boss race with Angie, DISABLE THE "AUTOSAVE" FEATURE!!!! Don't forget to save the game at this point.

- After you've beaten Angie, you'll get to select two markers. Try your luck and if you're lucky enough, you'll get the boss's car and $10,000 markers (they're usually one marker apart from each other eg. Cash/Impound/Car/Jail...). IF YOU'RE NOT LUCKY ENOUGH, then you can just reload the saved game and beat the boss again until you got what you wanted (it took me sometimes 5 tries to get the car and cash )

- After getting Angie's car and the cash, you'll have close to $400,000; asuming you won all races and didn't do any challenge race. After unlock and hire the new wingman, go to your safehouse and select Angie's car to drive and set the new guy as your wingman (10% more cash each race won )


- You'll easily conquer Wolf's and Kenji's territories with Angie's car and NOS upgrade (Racing). Use the same "trick" i mentioned to get the car and cash. Remember to save your game before each boss race so you can get their cars and cash.

- When your've unlocked Darius' borrough, you should have the CamaroSS, the Charger R/T (Angie's), the DB9 (Wolf's), and the RX7 (Kenji's), and close to $1 mil (assuming you've won all the races unlocked so far).

- Select the R/T or the RX7 as your car to race in Darius' territory. It might take some tries to win a race since it's tougher here; i suggest you take on all the "Time trial" races first, which would unlock more races. Check with the World Map to see if the race for the EVO MR is unlocked yet (it should be to the upper right corner of the map, when you leave the cursor on a race, there's a ticker that says "Unlock: Mitsubishi Lancer..." try to win that race, RX7 with racing NOS will do the job. As soon as the Evo is unlocked, go purchase it and upgrade it with NOS.

- Now you can win more easily with the Evo as your car. You should get VERY CLOSE to $1 mil now, sell Camaro SS, win as many race as possible and play rival challenge races as necessary to get to $1 million. DO NOT UPGRADE THE EVO FURTHER UNTIL YOU'VE REACHED $1 MIL. After you get to that mark, go crazy and upgrade the evo to the max (then you'll easily win the canyon race with the Murcielago), purchase the SLR, upgrade the SLR to the max and enjoy the rest of the game!!!



- The cars i used/mentioned: Camaro SS, Charger R/T, RX7, DB9, EVO MR, SLR.

- Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong in anything mentioned above. Constructive criticism is welcomed!

- You might not experience what is being mentioned in this post, so do post derivations so others know.

- You can use the NOS/Money/Andrenaline cheats to make it easier.

- I'm in no way responsible for what happens to your console/game as consequences of using my "guide." Use this as you see fit and at your own risks.


*** GET IN AND PEEL OFF!!! ***

Chingy42007  posted on Dec 18, 2006 4:41:36 AM - Report post

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"After getting Angie's car and the cash, you'll have close to $400,000; asuming you won all races and didn't do any challenge race"

can i ask... what crap is this? 400,000 after one territory on races alone? i have followed your advice and your way seems pretty damn tedious and your whole $400,000-after-one-territory thing seems highly unlikely unless u did a hell of a lot of free roam challenges. and im guessing that without this "400,000", 1 mil seems pretty damn hard to get. let me tell u boys and girls how its really done (even though this is more tedious, its guaranteed to work):

Firstly, start a profile. You need to unlock EVERYTHING in order to get 1 mil later. Play the game as you like till u get to the last boss race against Darius.

When u reach that point, sell all the cars u have until u have just one. When u do that, use your last car to get into all kinds of trouble, and let yourself be busted so many times that your car gets impounded. (remember to pay cash at the "busted" screen)

When the "game over" screen loads, select EXIT TO MENU. you will see that all the reward cards and challenge series you have done are still there and this is integral for the next stages.

Now, Start a new career. select the camaro as your car and do not customize it in any way except for street package nos. Set Neville as active (+200 cash per win). Win EVERY race in Kempton till you reach Angie. By then you should have enough cash to purchase the evo in the car lot (unlocked from the first profile! ). if not, do some free roam challenges and extra races youve done to get it (at around 110k). YOU MUST NOT CUSTOMIZE THE EVO IN ANY WAY. also, DON'T SELL THE CAMARO (trust me on this one, u're gonna need it later)

Defeat Angie with the Evo (dead easy...i almost felt sorry for her when i did it ) and select any two random cards. it doesn't matter if you dont get her car or the cash reward.
Hire Samson and set him as active. Remember to keep Neville in the crew (+10% cash as well as +200 cash per win)

Conquer Fortuna and defeat Wolf.

Conquer Downtown and defeat Kenji.

Here's the tricky part. Equip your evo with street package NOS and do all the races except the murcielago canyon duel and the final boss race. by the time you reach the boss race, you should have around 970k so sell the evo. you now have a comfortable 1 mil. i recommend, from here, a carrera gt fully maxed to take on Darius and the Murcielago canyon duel.

Afterwards, you can do stuff like "fill your garage with muscle cars" for the reward cards and stuff because u now have the cash to do so. it takes 6 cars to fill up the garage so buy 6 tier 1's for each class to save money and u'll get the RC's.

And BAM!! Thats it.

The REAL Drift King has spoken

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nurzeha  posted on Dec 20, 2006 8:48:50 PM - Report post

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Thank you !!!
That's really works !
dukiduke  posted on Feb 01, 2007 5:28:23 PM - Report post

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thanks, this helps a lot
Chingy42007  posted on Feb 02, 2007 5:07:30 AM - Report post

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no probs dudes. Any1 else find this helpful? Constructive criticism is welcome!

The REAL DK has spoken

dukiduke  posted on Feb 02, 2007 7:43:59 PM - Report post

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o, and i have a little tip. once u can, add nikki to ur crew. u have 10% discount on all car purchaces. the carrera GT is like 200,000, so thats 20,000 saved
spiky_jack  posted on Feb 04, 2007 11:25:36 AM - Report post

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seriously..you guys need to get out more
Chingy42007  posted on Feb 05, 2007 5:57:10 AM - Report post

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Not so much... how about taking time out to consider how we came up with these solutions - maybe on the weekend, maybe we were injured and couldnt move (that was my case ) or maybe it was the holidays. So dont tell us that we need to get out more cos probs half of us are in school or working and probs some of us have girlfriends!! So shut up!

And also TRY to see this guide for what it is - ITS A GUIDE. FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE.



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