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Locked Topic  Mega Trainer for v1.3
Labyrnth  posted on Dec 01, 2006 12:26:24 AM - Report post

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There is more options in that dll then just for COH.
Do you use the same wrapper for all of your trainers?

Im no super game hacker by no means. But i can pull down my share.
I try to help others learn that are willing, unlike some on the scene.
Whats wrong with hexing? Hell allot of cheats are found this way. Hexing game dll files or exe's.
Code digging is what any of us do to hack a game and train it anyways.

Personally i would not get bent if someone updated a trainer i made to work for a newer version.
Now if the trainer was altered in a manner suchas changing owners names to claim it as their own, then it would be different.

I dont pack any of my trainers anymore. If you want the pokes. Just get the trainer. It has them right in the nfo file.
Im not to proud to hide what i find. I cant say this for anyone else tho, just myself.

Also everyone has started with no coding experience one time or another. I know enough to get me by. Others who want to learn how to do this very same thing we do are less fortunate and ask for help. Everyone one says spoon feed this spoon feed that. I agree with that phrase to a certain point.

If you can see the person has read tutorials and is way father into something he/she could not have done without at least reading something to get that far. Then they deserve help from someone willing to take time and push them in the right direction.

I dont care who you are and how leet you think you are. You was just like any other noob on the block from the start, remember that. Then think how much you hated having no damn help learning ****.

So i say if the guy knows how to dig in code and totally repair assembly in a debugger or hexing, and has no coding knowledge at all is pretty damn amazing to me and a few more people around here.

Sheep you dont even know me, but i have read your work.
I'll give you this. You know what you are doing now. But you did start like we all did. I believe i have even tried to get in touch with you several times for some simple answers and no replies. Maybe you dont use that email anymore or answer PM;s in forums and such, I dont know. But you have come a long way and it would be a shame to look like an ass now, accusing people of stealing.

I think you need to look towards some real trainer thieves called ScorpionS, Oh yes. I have caught them stealing and so has SunBeam. In fact one trainer was by you.
We busted their ass publicly. Pizza was some of the others ripped. So you see i dont see any reason SunBeam would steal a trainer at all. So what if he uses GTS or Ce or what ever. Allot of people do.

Nothing is goign to change the way people think of him. Surly not myself, and not of you either. You put out some great tutorials for people to learn with. Thats great and your doing your share of helping others. But now all Sunbeam was doing is showing he could fix a already existing trainer to work with a newer patch.

It was easy enough for him to do it, and save you time to work on something else.

I dont know maybe im missing something here but thats how i see it.
You may take all this i have said the wrong way and bash me to hell and back. It would not change a thing one way or another.

I have said my piece.

max 4000 chars
chars left 665

Whew someone owes me a ne freaking keyboard now !

[Edited by Labyrnth, 12/1/2006 12:27:07 AM]

sunbeam906  posted on Dec 01, 2006 5:08:25 AM - Report post

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It's okay. I can do the same. Hide under "anonymous" names, and post fixes for their "perfect" trainers. Usually, this is how they train a game :

- start a skirmish map
- train the **** out of the game
- make 52756876 options to spoil the fun, when all u need is a resource hack to be able to play decently

If you happen to play a mission in the campaigns, and hit a dent (instant build not working), then the author b!tches at you, cuz he tested instant build in SKIRMISH mode and he knows it works. Player IDs change, even in a pin-pointed structure >.<

Am tired to chase the "elite". Well-explained CE scripts should help people learn. If you have any questions on how a trainer option works (even if it's not my trainer the one invloved), feel free to PM or mail me. The "elite" is too busy to reply mails or PMs, or even talk to "noobs", because (as sheep says) "you wouldn't probably understand" wtf he's doing there >.<

I do...

[Edited by sunbeam906, 12/1/2006 5:09:43 AM]

PWizard  posted on Dec 01, 2006 5:24:48 AM - Report post

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OK, I think that's enough off topic for this thread. Closed.
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