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Mega Cheatmod Item Maker Released!
*****man  posted on Nov 10, 2006 5:42:17 AM - Report post

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Soo can enyon help me i m stuck on a mission whit the neverwinter guard misions i hafto surch the mountens fore a emesery but my path is blocked by a big piel of rocks and i cant get tro so if enyon is acomplished that mission and tell me what to do it whill be aprisiated
Faustx2  posted on Nov 10, 2006 9:20:53 AM - Report post

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just go to another way to cayw ther will be(in lest chest) a som sort of dinamit...
Gideon25  posted on Nov 10, 2006 10:58:02 AM - Report post

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originally posted by duluxe

yeah , that's my stupid mistake
thanks 4 the help
now i can make my wonderful god-like items
hey , my attack is now 53/... or something like that with a +20 attack weapon , i wonder if there is a way to increase this number to make every my attack roll a critical hit

SURE there is a way to increase the Item. Well, it goes back to what class you are and blah, blah, blah plus certain weapons have better critical hit stats: Dagger, shortshord, RAPIER. Oh and if you look when you are creating the item obviously you want to give yourself the bonus FEATS that will help you like Focus, Greater weapon focus, weapon specializaion, MASSIVE CRITICALS +10 (the highest the plugin lets you go with that feat, Sneak attack (+10d6) and anything having to do with criticals. As far as Damage goes, well thats in the "Bonus Damage" Part. IF you give yourself +10 bonus damage of every type (the highest it will let you go- no rolls just +10 bonus damage added to everything else) You can have like, what is it, something like 8 different types of bunus damages (Slash,pierce,Bludgeon,Acid,Fire,Ice,Magic,negative energy,positive energy, etc.) so that would add up. Add the bunis feats for all the criticals and the best feats that add specializations/foucus and crap and you can Dual Wield (two handed fighting), Like a Rapier and a dagger each with +10 to critical threat. I get criticals all the time and sneak attacks even standing right next to creatures with are massive strikes with my little dagger.

REMEMBER- you can add bonus feats of ANY type to ANY item- You could just create two rings and devout them soley to giving your self 100 extra feats (50 a piece)- everything of course you should save one of the 50 slots for added Hitpoints (+20) and +20 to AC but you can also mix and max and add bonus skillpoints (like Lore, or whatever the 20 or so different skills there are). Some things only work for armor, while other options are only available to weapons (added damage) but the bonus feats/skills are available to EVERY item you wish to equip.

Basically even if you are a wizard you can create "armor" thats as good as anything in the game. Remember that you can give yourself up to +12 in each of your stats (Strength,Dex,Etc.) with an item but the game only takes the Highest level item of those and they do NOT stack - so you get a max of +12 for each of your Stats but they DO NOT effect you normal level progression as they are just "added" on to whatever your normal stats are :P

SINCE you can give ANY class ANY feat via adding bonus feats class becomes a VERY flexible thing,hehe. Armor still apllies to wizards and arcane spell failure stuff but considering you can make Robes that kick the crap out of even the heaviest Plate, it doesn't matter- add all the Bonus Feats/perks that harden your skin and add an item that gives you immunity to all Level 9 and below spells AND add the "Bonus Saving throws" to its highest level the plugin allows and set the Bonus saving throws to "Universal" and, well, you never have to worry about "God Mode" again. With an item that adds permanent haste.. Also you can set up your weapons in ADDITION to inflicting +10 in ALL the damages you can set up your weapon to to Cast spells on Hit - So, erhm pick your poisen but be careful as I am not sure the game factored in a weapon that inflicts +10 of every damage type and casts 10 spells upon each hit, hehe. Yea, I would say you can do much, MUCH greater damage than 56.

In the Tootlset you can also change the appearence of lots of other items by rightclicking (where you saved the item file) and sleting properties and it will pop open a new window. Now look at the top under "Apperance" under the property tab. Just to the Right of that is the "Preview Tab". Now under apparence you can Model Part 1, Model Part 2, and Model part 3. For some items it doesn't work.

[Edited by Gideon25, 11/10/2006 11:01:58 AM]

Gideon25  posted on Nov 10, 2006 11:09:21 AM - Report post

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Btw, in the "Behavior of the properties window after item creation, you can change the Armor Type (for Game Rules) to "Cloth" and still have the look of something like plate with a wizard with no arcane failure- the preview STILL isn't owrking with most of the armors though- bummer, but hopelly he/she will add that into the plugin later. For now you can just change the Model parts in that previous post, SAVE, load game, giveitem, see if you like it, change model part again- at least with Robes and armor - unless you just find something in the toolset you like then you can just write down the Model types for the particular thing and set the behavior and the model type numbers to what you wait so it copies the appearence of whatever you found you liked in the toolset (for armor). Oh, and DON'T FORGET TO COPY THE TINTS and play around with the TINTS!

[Edited by Gideon25, 11/10/2006 11:14:58 AM]

Gideon25  posted on Nov 10, 2006 11:35:32 AM - Report post

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WHOOPES, Sorry go over to the "Armor Set" Tab way over to the right of the Appearence tab to customize your armor :P Sorry, still learning how to use the toolset. Ha!
*****man  posted on Nov 10, 2006 12:18:05 PM - Report post

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DAMN THE CHEST OF EXPLOSIVE i maid it into a trap and now i cant TAIK IT FROM THE GROUND


does enyone know how i can get that item whit a cheat or someting i mean to type give ?!?!?!? and then i get the chest

[Edited by *****man, 11/10/2006 12:20:34 PM]

Gideon25  posted on Nov 10, 2006 3:04:46 PM - Report post

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If this is about GAMEPLAY or storyline and not regarding my mega cheat mod, then get the F out of my thread and ask about it in the cheat thread. If this is about an item you CREATED with my Mega item cheat mod, then I would suggest you give yourself the FEAT that allows you to disabel/disarm traps:

givefeat id

9 Disarm

So I guess the command would be:

givefeat 9

to give yourself the disarm trap Feat. You can also create an item that gives you this feat and jacks up your Disable Device and Set Traps Skills- as well as whatever appropriate thing you need for this endeaver (like extra dextrerity or some such).

kidaware  posted on Nov 10, 2006 3:51:14 PM - Report post

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Is there any way to increase the movement speed of your character using items/feats?
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