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whats my nxt mission???
simscrazy  posted on Nov 06, 2006 10:48:10 AM - Report post

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plz help me!

iv just defeted optium alfred
and i dont no wot mi nxt mission iz!
dux n e bodi no?
im gettin crazi!!!


Emo_sanctuary  posted on Nov 06, 2006 1:51:51 PM - Report post

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Neither do I I going crazy over here. I think I heard about finding a cute ghost...
FluffyAndPink  posted on Nov 07, 2006 11:48:32 AM - Report post

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i just defeted him n really wnt 2 no wot 2 do!!!!!!!!!!
Flynt  posted on Nov 10, 2006 11:42:25 PM - Report post

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Your next mission is the cute ghost...

I did not write this, this was written by Freyashawk but i put this on here because so many people dont know how to find hte cute ghost i hope this helps =-)
Far too many players, mistakenly believing that the game is finished once they
vanquish Optimum Alfred and experience the credits, delete their saved game or
worse still, get rid of the Sims 2 game cartridge entirely. In point of fact,
like any Sims game, many surprises await the faithful player who taking
his/her responsibility as a Hotel Manager seriously, continues to play the

The Cute Ghost is one of the characters that becomes more important as the
game progresses. Your first encounter with the Cute Ghost probably will be
with his portrait, when you find it on the wall of one of the guest rooms one
day. After this, you will encounter the real ghost. His perambulations take
him outside the hotel, and you may see him in the City Hall, the Town Square
or even the Strangetown Store. Most often, however, he will be found
somewhere in the hotel.

For the most part, guests appear to be fairly oblivious of his presence but
from time to time, you will receive a telephone call from a hotel guest,
complaining that the hotel is haunted and that, if you do not get rid of the
ghost, you will lose your guest.
You then will find a new goal in your Goals Menu to rescue the guest from the
Ghost by a specific time.

Ghosts dislike hoovers immensely as they basically are particles of a
substance more insubstantial than dust. Take out your hoover and suck up the
ethereal particles in order to 'rescue' the guest and complete the goal.

The Cute Ghost fundamentally does not wish to cause trouble, however and if
you are clever, you will be able to enlist his power as a 'healer'. When
interacting with another hotel guest, you often may see the Cute Ghost
hovering nearby, making gestures as if he wishes to be included in this social
interaction. In fact, you can include him! He will aid you in your social
interaction, enabling a more speedy recovery to sanity.

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