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how to get a helicopter
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    be_afraid posted on Oct 22, 2006 11:27:09 PM - Report post
    there IS a way to do this, and this time you get to keep the helicopter. it is on the cathedrel mission "false idols"

    As soon as you start the mission, head quickly to the Staunton/SSV bridge

    Note that the concrete base of the bridge is sloped so you should be able to utilise this to make a jump on the lower metal support.

    Once you're up there on the metal support, head over to the concrete structure just in front of you.

    Walk towards the metal support that goes up the bridge structure.

    Make your way up to the point where you'd see this big red light and just walk past it since it's not solid.

    Once you're past the light, turn to your left and you'll see a seemingly roofless portion of a building beside the bridge. It is solid so that's where you should make a jump and where the heli would pass by.

    Now just position yourself on the pilot side of the heli when it passes by beside you.

    Yank out the pilot, ride the heli, DON'T LEAVE IT, and just wait for the mission to fail. Faith would get off the heli when you steal it and would sometimes fall off the building and get wasted.

    And there you go, a much easier method to get the helicopter. I think it's actually easier to just keep a savegame at False Idols and just get a helicopter from the mission whenever you feel like flying. It's easier than getting the helicopter out of the garage.
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    gtaproman posted on Mar 28, 2010 3:49:02 PM - Report post
    well it's not hard to get a helicopter!!! u just have to go on the cathedrel misson! ur stupid if u don't know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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