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Kundang Camp, Indonesia
cardo1  posted on Oct 20, 2006 12:34:02 PM - Report post

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Yes I was wondering if anyone could help me out of the mission with the plane, Imean I have been stuck on this level for days and days I am honestly starting to hate the game, I sure would appreciate the help though I have done everything but infiltrate the village, I have even planted the bomb on the plane and if you need more assistance the level is named Kundang Camp, Indnesia, you sure are a good gamer if you find that out on your own I would strongly appreciate the help though THANKS!!!
Nawat  posted on Apr 10, 2007 12:49:15 AM - Report post

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Never fear Nawat's here.
Ok in the plane hanger the first door you go into theres one on the opposite side of the hanger concealed by boxes. (sorry if you already know this but you left out that detail so bear with me for a sec) go to the left of the boxes then turn right and you'll see evil light. go through the door and to the left diagonal there will be a gat ajar. a big bastard gate. slowly go around the gate and head away from fire and towards the bush in the corner near some boxes. climb onto one box closest to the plant. dont worry your still in shadow. one of the guards will say "i think i see something" or along those lines. he'll come to inspect. he'll stand virtually in the plant in the dark corner. dispatch him with a cuick head shot from your pistol. his mate will have gone inside the security booth. stay in the shadows and slowly go to wards the booth. angle the camera so you can see inside when the guy has his back turned and is facing the road sneak up grab him lead him to the bush nock him out and kill him if you want. then go back inside the booth. to make the next bit easier turn out the light. grab some health if need be and raise the big spikey pole (i'm no good with words) then rush out and around towards the road. game checkpoint. then dash (or for collness) roll behind big sheet of iron leaning against fence. guard comes with dog. while guard goes past ready your pistol or sc20k and wait the guard goes to turn the light on and his dog rushes past but before the guard gets back the dog turns around and walks slowly by. kill dog with shot to head. guard comes and will either stop so you can shoot him too or walk past. turn around walk to dog and then stop. if not time him and ready shot. then hide body behind iron sheet and continue to camp. sneak into first tent and stay hidden and listen to full conversation. then second guy leaves. sneak up behind remaining guy grab him take him into tent and knock out and kill if you want. then sneak out the back and follow the grassy area to second tent you can enter. go slow and careful there are a few explody wire things (once again. no good with words) disable them and sneak into second tent. the previous guy will be lying down sleeping. shoot him in the head. no need to hide the body. he looks like hes sleeping. then go back to first tent and there is ammo in the right hand front corner. then sneak out to the tower and climb ladder but stop when at the top. theres a guard up there wait till he has his back to you and get up onto the platform and grab him or just shoot him. no need to hide his body either. then you can stand up. no more guys with guns. (except you)and look up and youl see a wire. thats the way out. go underneath the wire. jump up and grab it and zipline into a friendly little place with lots of guys with big guns, alarms, auto turrets, and the one guy you cant kill. enjoy! once your in its a matter of killing sodono's guards when hes not close and following the indonesian prick wearing the red berrate. lambert and grimsdottir will tell you what you need to do. and what you can and cant do. i hope this helps. any further problems contact me. just start a message thing that says like "nawat, help please" or somthin with Nawat in it then i'll come in. and that goes for everyone else who has probly read this long and tiresome and cramped hands text. i'm ofeering help for those who want it.

your friendly neighborhood gamer... Nawat

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