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Help With Qwarktastic battle
clank992  posted on Jul 27, 2006 12:43:18 PM - Report post

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I need help beating the Qwarktastic battle. Sorry if the topic is repetitive, but the only topics on this seem to be how easy this is. My problem is, it isn't that easy. I am trying to do this in challenge mode and it is the only battle left on anhilation nation. I want to finish it so I can get my trophy. I have all weapons, including slim's and the RyNo 3. Most aren't upgraded though. The RYNO is V3, and my Nitro eruptor, Splitter rifle, Bouncer, and one or two others are V8. I also have all gadgets, including nano-pack.

I have read FAQs but they don't explain it in enough detail.

I am dying shortly after the turret comes up out of the center. If I don't die there, i use the PDA for ammo, and then end up dying around round 35. (usually by ninjas and those guys with whips)

Could someone explain the best weapons to use (i'll upgrade it if it isn't upgraded) and how to beat this. I can't even get to the first boss at round 50!

RatchetzGirl  posted on Aug 24, 2006 12:01:25 AM - Report post

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Hey, sorry I took so long to post a few hints, but here goes:

What I do is use any weapon that doesn't need ammo like the Quack-O-Ray, etc. on th weaker enemies, then when that stops working effectively, use some of the weaker-but-use-ammo weapons, and DON'T USE YOUR TESLA BARRIER WHEN YOU DON'T NEED IT!!! I can't stress this enough! Only use it when you are seriously down on nanotech, and there are no nanotech crates in the arena. When this happens, send out your drones/attack bots (sorry, I haven't played it for a while, so I can't remember the exact names of some of the weapons) until nanotech crates appear in the arena.

When the turret comes out of the centre of the arena, just run around it, letting it destroy your enemies for you, also deploy some of your drones again and let them do some of the work.

I hope this has helped you and anyone else with the Qwarktastic Battle! Any other challenges?

mighty_goose  posted on Aug 28, 2006 2:09:28 PM - Report post

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heres how to beat the quarktastic battle on your first try like i did. ill explain it in a somewhat detailed way. These are the best weapons:

Rift Inducer- this is one of the best weapons to use for the arena. use this when there are ninjas in the round but be careful not to waste all its ammo. I used 1 black hole per round. Also use when there are timed rounds or sleeping gas rounds.

Omniwrench- beleive it or not, the omniwrench is stronger than alot of your other weapons. use it when there are no ninjas in the round, but you have to be real good in kung wrench fighting(like yours truly)

Splitter Rifle- use this weapon for bosses(i know you havnt got to the first boss but using my weapons will get you there:P). It will take a couple of shots to beat helen, gary, and scorpio( if you aim, zoom and then shoot, it will do more damage)
this is how you beat the quarktasic battle. when i beat it i didnt have all the weapons, didnt have all gadgets, didnt have the gadgetron pda, and didnt have a nano pak but i still had 75/80 nanotech. also you need to be an amazing dodger and you should use enemies to your advantage by letting them hit each other( especially the gladiators with the whips and the turret that comes out in the middle). it will take around 20 minutes to finish. Try to use the inferno mode at all costs!
im sure you WOULD know what to do at the cycling weapons round.
Hope you have a quarktastic success. Enjoy

Jirachi04  posted on Oct 28, 2006 8:52:18 PM - Report post

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You should use the rift inducer, bouncer, Upgrade the Ry3no, (To the rynocinerator) and the wrench can come in handy. You can use that turret in the middle to your advantage by dodging it and luring it to your enemies.
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