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I need help!!
sdemonik190  posted on Jul 26, 2006 8:23:45 PM - Report post

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How do i beat shaou kahn when he has his huge hammer i keep dieing every time he spins around
GodShin  posted on Jul 26, 2006 8:29:53 PM - Report post

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This guide helped me a lot, it's a great guide.

As for Shao Kahn, here are tips courtesy of Prima Official Game Guide:

Shao Kahn is big, but not clumsy. He's got an array of quick moves and jumps that let him close the gap whenever you're at medium range. Like Kintaro, Shao Kahn's best moves are close-in, so it's definitely to your advantage to either fight from a distance or constantly stay on the move.

Don't try to block Shao Kahn's attacks. While some can be blocked, he frequently uses a shoulder ram that is unlockable, and you'll take a lot of damage this way. Instead, stay back, evade, or keep circling.

Moving attacks are a great way of dealing with Shao Kahn. Once, again, you'll find that Liu Kang's rolling attacks deals good damage while keeping you out of harm's way.

The very safest (if not the most interesting) way to attack Shao Kahn is from a distance. When fighting at long range, Shao Kahn fires a green projectile. Dodge this if you can, and then counterattack. A few projectiles may hit you, but don't sweat it. It's Kahn's melee attacks that deal the real damage.

Notice that there's an object lying in the arena - it's Kintaro's head. You can pick it up and throw it at Shao Kahn over and over - but be careful not to expose yourself to attacks while picking it up. It can do you more harm than good if you continually get smacked as you try to grab it. Wait until Shao Kahn has committed to a move before snatching it off the floor. Use Kintaro's heard repeatedly, as it is quite strong to use in attacks.

After you've dealt serious damage to Shao Kahn, he grabs a huge hammer. This is the point where you need to be twice as careful as before. Not only can he swing and smash with the hammer, but he has a particularly deadly spinning move that can hit you again and again, dealing massive damage. Avoiding this move is the key to victory. Use long jumps to get away quickly. If Shao Kahn is too close, use evades or double jumps to stay in the air until his spinning attack is over.

Though avoiding the hammer spin is easier said than done, the key - as always - is keeping on the move and keeping your distance. If Shao Kahn is getting too close, jump away, or rapidly evade, and don't stop moving until you're in a good spot to shoot him.

Once the hammer spin starts, double jump or evade like mad to stay out of his path. If you get hit, do your best to get up and away quickly. It's the repeated hits that really get you.

Projectile attacks become more appealing when Shao Kahn pulls out his hammer, because he's particularly good at catching you in this phase of the battle. You'll find that moving attacks are not as safe at this point. Make good use of Kintaro's head!

After his hammer spin, Shao Kahn is momentarily winded, so take the opportunity to bash him a couple of times. Pull out your very best power moves for these occasions. Liu Kang's double uppercut, or Kung Lao's spin or circling hat move, are good choices. You've got to make the most of this opportunity.

Ultimately, your success of failure comes down to two things: your health at the battle's start, and your ability to avoid the hammer's spin. If you managed to enter this fight with good health and keep moving, you'll eventually prevail. If you fail, try again, and try to be more efficient in your first couple of battles. Any extra health you bring into the Shao Kahn fight can be a real lifesaver.

Shao Kahn Fatalities:
PS2: right, left, up, up, circle
XBox: right, left, up, up, B


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Sair  posted on Sep 25, 2006 1:30:27 AM - Report post

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I am stuck on the same bit and have been for ages do you know of any cheats for this to increase your health or anything that can help, I have done exactly what you have said and he always gets me at last hurdle!! Damn it!! its driving me crazy
MaxOut  posted on Sep 25, 2006 2:01:50 AM - Report post

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You are right! Dammit, I understand you. this game is a mud where you can stuck. btw, you can ask here Link to find this cheat for you or they will probably advise you something useful.
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