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Best Sword ?
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    Danju posted on Mar 23, 2007 1:24:05 PM - Report post
    Umbra has soulsteal, but it is not the best sword. The best sword is Goldbrand, because it has 22 extra fire damage
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    erlltheskwerl posted on Mar 23, 2007 1:50:18 PM - Report post
    but what about when the enchantment is gone

    umbra is the best sword hands-down because it has a fixed rating of the highest you can find
    (i didnt say what it was because it depends on what lvl blade you have, but with expert armorer and 100 blade, i have it as 33)
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    revenant_angel posted on Jun 28, 2008 1:37:24 AM - Report post
    sorry to bring up an old message board and all that but i stumbled across this forum and thought i would provide my thoughts in my opinion the best sword is a wieghtless daedric longsword, enchanted with fire, frost, shock damage and soul trap to the degree you can do and then get azuras star and then you will have an awesome blade and it will never run out of enchant because you just keep using the soul in azuras star. i havent explored armor fully so cant comment on that but i guess daedric is best for heavy armor and glass is best for light armor, unless you have shivering isles of course :P

    to get weightless longsword for those who dont know:
    1) make sure you have at least 75 armorer
    2) get a bound sword spell
    3) cast the spell and when the sword appears repair it to past 100 %
    4) drop the 125% health sword and wait for the spell to run out
    5) when the spell has run out pick up the sword again
    6) the sword is weightless like a bound sword but stays forever
    7) now enchant it using a grand soul (minoutar lord for example)
    8) VOILA ultimate sword in the game i havent found one better even umbra.
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    Ultralazuli posted on Jul 06, 2008 6:10:00 AM - Report post
    I'd have to say that any bow you enchant with soul cap and damage ench's will be more than fine. Azura's Star really helps a lot, especially if you have multiples (Bow dupe cheat, I'll describe below), and same thing with armor, though there are some quest armors you can get that do wonders for you, and their durability drains very slowly. I seem to remember having a set of leather armor from the Brotherhood on the XBOX version that granted several stealth enhancing enchantments, and that you could only get from either killing LaChance or completing the whole Brotherhood quest, and that armor lasts for quite a while if used right. Mixed with the Grey Fox's Mask, whooboy, that's some major critical there.

    As for arrows, daedric, until you can find enchanted arrows. Careful with them though--even though they might do maddening amounts of damage, they disappear instantly when shot into an enemy, and after 3 seconds when dropped or shot into the open air. They're also generally very hard to find. If you have 2 different kinds of arrows, you can use the dupe cheat I'll describe below to make some more.

    The best sword in the game depends on your Blade skill, but generally speaking, either the weightless daedric sword with enchants, or the glass sword with enchants. there are probably swords that can do more base damage in the game than a regular daedric/glass weapon would be able to do alone, but with powerful grand souls, and a few full Azura's Stars, you can set up any number of awesome damage combos. For instance, set up a soul cap and damage fatigue, and the enemy will simply pass out. From there, you can just coup de grace them or pop them in the head with an arrow. OR if you're low on health, you could do soul cap, stun for 10 seconds, and drain health for 10 seconds, so whenever you hit them, they're paralyzed, and losing health which is given to you.

    As for the TESCS for Oblivion, here's the link


    As for the bow dupe cheat, this only works with the unpatched, retail (right off the shelf and installed) version of the game, as they patched over this apparent "glitch". What this does, is duplicates a non-unique (e.g. that audible plant you have to collect to make that special potion, they are all given a special unique ID signature, and are therefore immune to duplicating, as each item you duplicate is given a new ID at it's creation) non-quest (e.g. The Amulet of Kings, etc) item in your inventory to however many arrows of whatever type you have equipped. That item, and it's subsequent duplicates will fall to the ground for to to collect as many as you need of them. Needless to say, if you have 400 Iron Arrows equipped, and only one Potion of Lesser Healing, and you duplicate, this can create quite a few lag problems, as not only does the game have to give each single potion a common ID signature, it HAS TO BE ABLE TO RENDER 400 POTIONS OF LESSER HEALING! Along wiht calculating it's weight and physics. So do this in moderation, and only try to duplicate as many as you need. You can drop however many arrows you need to get the amount you want to duplicate first, so that you don't have areas and towns where you can't get anywhere due to 10,000 watermelons being there.

    To do this, have at least more arrows than the item you want duplicated. I have tried this with every arrow type I could find, and there ARE some arrows that don't work with it, such as the Scarlet Rose. So let's say you have 50 Iron Arrows, and one Potion of Lesser Healing. Make sure you have a bow and those particular arrows equipped, doesn't matter what kind of bow, they all work. Now, in-game, draw and nock an arrow, but don't release it. Press Tab(default) to go to your inventory screen. Once there, try to unequip the arrows you're using TWICE. It will say something abut not being able to unequip it due to you having that arrow nocked and waiting. This is fine. Now, go and find that Potion of Lesser Healing, and simply drop it. It's better to do this in flat, bright areas, such as the Imperial City, and Leyawin, so that you can see the arrows and potions easily. After you drop the item, immediately, without messing with anything else, exit your inventory, and go back in game. You can let the arrow fly now, but it's not necessary. As soon as you get back in game, you should see the 50 spawned potions you now have, on the ground. Congratulations. A couple useful tips--only spawn a maximum of 150, or else your game could easily crash. Also, you can do this with arrows, as longas you have 2 different types of arrows, such as glass, and daedric, equip the higher amount, and dupe the lower amount. This is a useful way to get more(oh so hard to find) enchanted arrows.

    Have fun.
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    P5YK0 posted on Sep 27, 2008 9:32:49 PM - Report post
    I reckon best sword, armor and bow are..
    Sword: I think Umbra or Goldbrand
    Armor: Daedra Req Lvl: 20
    Bow: Daedra also req lvl: 20
    Gamertag: D3LTA 6
    Steam: exiled1996
    XFire: b1ggl35
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    Send a message to Daagor
    Daagor posted on Sep 27, 2008 9:37:43 PM - Report post
    My favorites are:

    Sword: I like to use elementally enhanced Daedric long swords.
    Armor: Daedric with 100% chameleon.
    Bow: Elementally enhanced Daedric bows.

    (All enhanced with sigil stones to add the effects)
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    Send a message to nukefreak1313
    nukefreak1313 posted on Dec 22, 2008 7:04:28 PM - Report post
    I don't know the best bow but if your going light armor then go with glass armor....it becomes available at level 20... if your going with heavy armor go with Deadric armor.....
    thats my name dont wear it out
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    Send a message to TheOthaCheater
    TheOthaCheater posted on Aug 04, 2010 8:28:08 AM - Report post
    Goldbrand? o_O Never heard of. Where can I get it?
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