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Tip for Xaldin
SoraDonaldGoofy  posted on Apr 22, 2006 5:18:26 AM - Report post

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OK! i even if i give a good way to beat xaldin doesnt mean youll beat him, he can be very very confusing and not to mention frusterating at times.

First of all when you are giving the chancce to come to beasts castle 2nd trip or land o' dragons 2 time 'round choose land of the dragons ( experiance* purposes only) before you fight xaldin you should take some time to meditate and get everything in order since your about to go up against one hell of a fight specially if its your first time... though after you beat him you will say to your self " now that wasnt so hard" thenyoul think if you had to do that again it would suck when your done with him gaurd Your playstation from lil bros or lil sisters from turnig it off i wouldnt give you this advice if it wouldnt have happened to me. it made me mad so i figure ill spare you the frusteration.

Before i tell you what to do keep in mind that at times when he is close to you you have about a millisecond to press triangle reaction button to 'learn' then 'jump' or if you use 'learn' more than once without using 'jump' you will then "stock up" on 'jumps' therefore allowing you to use the 'jump' ability multiple times after using 'learn' keep in mind that before you use jump which is the X Button right after using 'learn' you should lock on to help ensure hitting him. i know....confusing but youll get the hang of it. besides that 2-3 'jumps' can take almost a whole bar down if not more. anyways on with the BOSS

first off he will slowly "walk in air" but somewhat "hover" near you get ready to press reaction button then x button to 'jump' or dont press the x button if you wanna stock up on 'jumps'. use this whenever possible and whenever he gets close. DONT run away if he gets close or youll be digging your hole deeper then when it was before fighting this massacre of "wind". his lances are LONG range although they dont look it. your will be sliced, diced, and speared, turned into mince meat...then speared again..and again..and so on. so whenever that reaction command appears mash that triangle button then X button if you wish. do try anything heroish like going in for a combo because thats some thing you wont do very often on him. Trinity helps too..in fact it helps alot. only use combos, air combos at that after youve used 'learn' then 'jump' he will be momentarily stunned giving you chance of your life.
later he will go up in the air and wind bolts or energy like bolts will come down and devastate you. although it sometimes has the reaction command learn i havent figured out how to use that, instead note that he is in the CENTER of the bridge. when he jumps up in the air make sure your in the center. then start running like crazy to one end of the bridge or the other and you should dodge all the bolts, but its not over he will still be in air, but his lances will be circling you, which is a sign that he is setting his strike point. run, run, run, i cant stress this enough you gotta run. NOT TOWARDS THE CENTER THOUGH.you will know it will miss if you make it out of the circling lances before he pounces down with wind bolts going a short distance in every direction except diagonally. its sorta like Demyxs usix that water spout move after the "rush" attack. except more devastating and covers more ground. later on he will hop up on a dragon and fire a spiral blast from left to right( assuming your facing him) i dont quite know how to dodge this quite yet...but i have an idea haveing high jump lvl 3 from leveling valor form to 7 and by leveling master form to 7 and getting aerial dodge lvl 3 (double jump)! if you have trouble traing master form which is the easiest remember 1 EXP for small drive orbs and 3 EXP for large ones. anyways.
watch out for the teleporting he does. just run around and wait till you can use 'learn' then 'jump' then combo... repeat this and you win tadaa..boy am i glad thats over.. and dont forget protect playstion!

~Sincerely SDG

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SoraDonaldGoofy  posted on Apr 22, 2006 5:31:14 AM - Report post

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I hate how i cant post as much letters as i want

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chibiFLUTE  posted on Jun 12, 2007 10:05:53 AM - Report post

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hey, just to let you know- when you want to avoid the big beamy thing- you just have to hide in the corner- that works about half the time... not always, but its worth a shot.
thnx for the help otherwise ^^;

GunnedDown  posted on Jun 12, 2007 12:41:46 PM - Report post

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You can also just run away from it and then it only hits u once which takes away practically nothing.

Wehn you die you can also be Mickey and heal Sora.

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