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movesets + random rant
cpt61791  posted on Apr 13, 2006 8:16:40 PM - Report post

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if you dont play pokemon competitively, the dont read the rest of this, it doesnt pertain to you.

why do people overlook pokemons stats?
like putting shadow ball on alakazam or earthquake on blissey. pokemon have certain stats, some arent meant to deal damage at all, take for instance skarmory:

drill peck/ hidden power flying

skarm is meant to block physical attacks, then lay down layers of spikes.

lets look at another pokemon, tauros. A novice mistake is putting special attacks on him or even worse, hyper beam. This isnt the show! hyper beam sucks. it gives the opponent a chance to murder tauros using virtually any pokemon. lets look at a newbish moveset:

Tauros@silk scarf
hyper beam
horn attack

now a great moveset would be:

Tauros@Choice BAnd/ Leftovers
Hidden power flying

notice the difference? if you confused, as most will be, you need to get some experience. the only place you can really do that is on Netbattle, a program where people can battle pokemon online without the need of a gba. if you want to get better and someday be called a pro/veteran download the program at netbattle.net and battle to your hearts content. and if any of you guys have wanted to battle another person on this board, NB is the only way to do so without meeting.

while im at it let me disprove many of you guys' fabrications
these are of course regarding competitive play, no not the elite four, actual people.

1. hyper beam sucks
2. legendaries are cheap and if you use them competitiviely, then you are a cheap person
3. poekmon stats never reach 999, the closest that anything comes is Blissey, whos hp goes up to 714 with proper training.
4. if you dare try to say that yes they can with vitamins then you are retarted, only a set number of vitamins can be used per stat.
5. there is no such thing as mixed pokemon. nintendo released a list of all available pokemon shorlty after fire red/ LG
6. Leech seed or substitute is the best attack in the game
7. again hyper beam sucks, the accuracy and rest period screw the user over.
8. The starters all suck ass hard. no one in competitive play uses them because there are much better options
9. In competitive play, using only moves that damage (EX body slam, thunderbolt, thunder, earthquake etc.) will get you nowhere and 90% of the time you will lose.
10. Non-damaging moves are very good, well most of them.

there are tons more. if you do want to be taken seriously on this topic, then post the name of a perfect skarmory counter at the beginning of your post. if you dont then you will be talked to as a novice and nothing more

Dr_Eggdude  posted on Apr 22, 2006 11:00:21 AM - Report post

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Ya, Sure!
cpt61791  posted on Apr 23, 2006 8:58:59 AM - Report post

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originally posted by Dr_Eggdude

Ya, Sure!

i know why you're skeptic, its because youve never played competitively outside of a few kids at school. try battling online or through local tourneys. when you get slaughtered with your hyper beaming mewtwo and earthquaking blissey, give me a call

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