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stuck in sims 2 psp
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    suffolk_mac posted on Apr 03, 2006 7:07:01 AM - Report post
    right I hope someone can help me out i'm stuck on three things in sims and cant move on till i donr them.

    first off where is the family treasure in the gaveyard at the old meetinghouse i got the first lot that released the ghost from my house, but cant find the 2nd lot looked at all the graves and nothing.

    2nd i have done the part in the cow peoples place ie the ritural the book and the test but wht now i read somwhere that i have to make somthing with cow poo and milk but theres nothing avalible on the workbench.

    and lastley for now one of my home goals is buy a dreamcatcher but i cant find it anywhere in the buy menu do i have to do anything first to get it to come up.

    well hope someone can help me with this i have been looking for 3 days now and just about to quit the game but this is my last hope.

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    swtprincess87 posted on May 20, 2006 5:48:59 PM - Report post
    Firstly, the family treasure is on the far right hand side of the graveyard. You will find it eventually hehe. It took me 2 times around, but it showed up.

    Secondly, the whole cow poo thingy. Make sure you have cow poo, and the milk. The go across from the lady with the 'outside store'. Down the road from the bar, in Deadwood. It is called that I think. Shew it has been a while since I've played, so sorry if that's the wrong name. I assume you can catch on where I'm talking about though
    Anyways, go to the workbench there, and just look thing that includes cow poo and milk. I think it's cow poo potpourri or something.

    Thirdly, mmm okay well I honestly don't know about the whole dreamcatcher thing. I would have just said to keep looking in the buy menu, but obviously it's not there. It's not necessary to finish the game though. Sorry I couldn't help you with that.

    Well I hope that what I said came of some help to you!

    - Best of wishes

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    halfdone posted on Jan 04, 2009 5:08:35 PM - Report post
    i think that the dream catcher is the dream recorder but if it isnt sorry
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