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completion codes!
-uri-  posted on Mar 25, 2006 1:59:24 PM - Report post

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its all gud and well u lot sayin put in ur codes to get all ur stuff! wat are the codes! i completed Gs 1 but it sed nufin about the pass code and now i cant komplete it again coz my momz sold it with my GBA on march the 11th 2005 to get a DS can sum1 actualy WRITE DOWN THEIR CODE and post it on cheat happens i was really ****ed wen i had to start with all me characters anew!!!!
PointBlank64  posted on Feb 20, 2007 10:47:46 AM - Report post

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Gold: a#G5r +Eg5U =zNpH GHdxs ?FV!K yzPh! &ngj8 ef?am ?EV&x H8XPn Y&F#N N2#yF vwSu2 eXcnP hrdrr VQzMr duzkE jQ#FX 8MJYF tWjiz fF+pj KCuSS 43uvR T?yRm Wt&5W D=92P JEe9C 8d456 wqYqE =5HzH uz&6e Vc8+k yuzD$ mhHA6 snNFw sSK!z xXQ%? 3UB%$ 8ZGCc =LGgK aRMme VRrih 2Wwp6 2#tab 7%yfb Jvjed g=qkL DuqWv JzvVR h=YSF A$6XE AW3Cx
XLR8N  posted on Dec 14, 2007 8:05:17 PM - Report post

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This is the code I finished with in the original Golden Sun:

hVcxB KZM35
w7iVh &w&%R
4aJi+ %GFG&
fqMH= TBbQ#
UitY# LNJ$#

g79+B tvimp
M+P4z Bc7mL
4nvS8 tH&K2
+NAF9 JGscv
dvHRr uP&W+

8SWcY e2gSt
aCk?e &htyh
VG%KA !n#qS
%t=vR BBn=t
vkSb4 bt??t

q6S8V aWcY5
f3h5j 7m9pU
cs2ug wfyk=
?p&r% urvBZ

yExgr JnL+f
L!N4Q 6H7c7
bXdZf 3h5jQ
8naqd GQdg%

xjzm? mRruj

Use this in the Gold Password setting.

This code has:

All 28 Djinn (7 of each element)

Isaac: Level 38
HP: 657..... Equipment
PP: 165..... Gaia Blade, Carry Stone,
ATK: 425..... Lucky Cap, Healing Ring,
DEF: 232..... Earth Shield, Mars Star,
AGL: 239..... Storm Gear, Water of Life,
LCK: 10..... Catch Beads, Herb x 18

Garet: Level 38
HP: 691..... Equipment
PP: 147..... Demon Axe, Orb of Force , Lure Cap
ATK: 374..... Thunder Crown, Lucky Medal x 11,
DEF: 281..... Mirrored Shield, Water of Life x 11,
AGL: 139..... Dragon Scales, Vial x 1,
LCK: 6..... Lifting Gem, Healing Ring,

Ivan: Level 38
HP: 486..... Equipment
PP: 289..... Ninja Blade, Healing Ring, Shaman's Rod
ATK: 287..... Jeweled Crown, Weasel's Claw x 2,
DEF: 206..... War Gloves, Antidote x 13,
AGL: 323..... Ninja Garb, Potion x 14,
LCK: 17..... Halt Gem, Nut x 23,

Mia: Level 38
HP: 532..... Equipment
PP: 244 ..... Wicked Mace, Frost Jewel, Hermes' Water,
ATK: 340..... Ninja Hood, Douse Drop, Cleric's Ring
DEF: 232..... Virtuous Armlet, Crystal Powder,
AGL: 204..... Oracle's Robe, Elixir x 21,
LCK: 11..... Cloak Ball, Psy Crystal x 12,

Sadly, I didn't complete all of the side quests. These are the ones that I did do:

-Rescue Hammet
-Win Colosso Event
-Defeat Deadbeard

I didn't:

-Learn of thieves' escape in Vault
-Save Hsu

I have 437655 Coins.

[Edited by XLR8N, 12/14/2007 8:06:36 PM]

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