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hacks in jurassic park operation genesis
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    greiveous121 posted on Mar 24, 2006 6:24:55 AM - Report post
    This might be long please reinstall the game if there is eror
    Hello its me again go to:
    D:\Program Files\Universal Interactive\Blue Tongue Software\Jurassic Park Operation Genesis\JPOG\Data
    then fossil hunt or Fslhunt open it then find the DATA
    then change the ff.line nos
    example:MaxDinos = 50000;
    BaseDigTime = 24.0;
    MaxDinos = ?; for max dinos is it not obvious
    BaseDigTime = ?; the lower the no the faster the dig time
    [becareful for the basedigtime because the lower the no the faster the anoying messages]
    then find huntinggroundset line then
    firstchoices[0] = FlamingCliffs;
    firstchoices[1] = HellCreekA;
    firstchoices[2] = JudithRiverB;
    there must be three firstchoices[0][1][2]
    then go back to data then scroll back down then
    change the time to 1 or any no.
    old:time = 300;
    new:time = 4;
    dont change or erase anything just the time
    then back again to data then find the units folder then double click the notepad like bin
    then find the UnitSpecific {
    UnitsAllowed= ? ;
    example:UnitSpecific {
    UnitsAllowed= 5000 ;
    like the last time dont change or erase other stuffs just the no in unitspecific and find others that has that lines like the notepad:WT3Sct90 change only NOTEPADS NOT DATA
    then back to data then open notepad weather:find line tornado then change it to that only the no to zero
    dryprobability = 0;
    wetprobability = 0;
    then just like others donot CHANGE OR ERASE
    Go back to DATA then constant notepad
    this is the part u might be confused coz many lines
    IntConstants {
    MaxDinoPopulation = 50000;
    ParkMaxEntryFee = 50000;
    ParkStartEntryFee = 200;
    ParkMinPopulationCap = 25;
    ParkMaxPopulationCap = 50000;
    ParkStartPlayerMoney = 6000000;
    ParkStartPlayerMoneyCheat = 200000000;
    PathCost = 5;
    TreePaleoCost = 30;
    TreeModernCost = 10;
    FossilHuntStartNumTeams = 99;
    FossilHuntMaxNumTeams = 99;
    DNAItemGoldCRPValue = 60000;
    DNAItemOpalsCRPValue = 40000;
    DNAItemSilverCRPValue = 25000;
    DNAItemAmberBaseValue = 10000;
    DNAItemFossilBaseValue = 7500;
    DNAItemAmberCRPValue = 17500;
    FossilMarketMaxItems = 50;
    FossilStorageMaxItems = 50;
    ReplaceRangerChopperCost = 20;
    ReplaceBalloonCost = 20;
    ReplaceExplorerCost = 20;
    MaxSafariPathLength = 10000;
    SafariPhotoRewardMinCash = 100000;
    SafariPhotoRewardMaxCash = 100000;
    HerbDinoLureCost = 1;
    CarnDinoLureCost = 1;
    MiniGameRangerRescueProfit = 15000;

    You can change the numbers I Wished i helped a lot and i wish to respect
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