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hidden characters for multiplayer.
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    Demonic_Angel posted on Mar 15, 2006 7:39:38 PM - Report post
    Bat and Towel Girl medical level. once you get them from host collectibles go there. Look for the bat, cave like entrance with entrance block. hop into bat and fly forward. Right were you go bat there is a thing about the cave entrance. Fly up there and there she is, Towel girl her weapon is whipping you with a 1 hit kill towel, she must use Bounce. Also she can mostly take 2 shotgun shells then die. ((can't find her look somewhere else)) Infinite ammo, unless you rip the towel . Just kidding.

    Rami and Rabbit, Storage level are needed ((complex works too but i still don't have that level)). You will find doors that are unable to open, around a door by stairs will be a vent. Find the rabbit and got into the vent look left and hop up onto the led. Go around it to the other side, be careful not to fall. You'll find a led that goes up hill. Jump on the lowest part of it and run up it. Jump to the bar that goes to the other side of the room. Run across it and either. A. Jump out of rabbit and try to enter the hole. or B. Jump onto the awning above the door and enter the vent and run through. Which ever way you took you will see Rami and his weapon at the start of the game, a handgun. I tired it out and its a 1 hit kill, also it takes about 2 shotgun shells to kill him too. Eight bullets per round. Infinite ammo.

    Rat and Chef, Helipad Level. Enter the blue base and go up the elevator. Take the left stairs and look down. You'll see the rat. Enter him and head up the stairs and down the other. There will be an unopenable door and soda cans nearby. Behind the soda cans is a hole to get inside. Get past the soda cans and you will be in a lunch room. You will see the chef and enter him. His weapon is an arsenal of plates. And you thought ninja stars were tough? One plate can kill about 3/4 of someones health, like a shotgun, but the plates are consistently thrown and you don't have to reload. Infinite ammo as well.

    This is all i got ill do Volks and ****roach, and Anna and Imp later once i finish beating the game and replay for host collectibles. I'm on the final boss right now and spring break is almost near so i should be able to finish the game by then.
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