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FF2 BlackMask-WhiteMask
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    Shodow posted on Feb 26, 2006 2:29:22 AM - Report post
    Hi all,can some one tell me where i get the white mask
    to get the crystal staff and brake the seal on the tower?

    i get the black mask on small island in the middle of the sea adn no one in Mysidia dont tell me where get the second mask. please some one give me clue where the white mask hidden...some screens for help:
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    theBESTplayer posted on Jun 05, 2006 6:31:16 AM - Report post
    the white mask is in fynn. talk to the princess and gordon for these key words. :Ekmet Teloess, mask, ultima tome, and mysidia. then go into town and go north west then west and south and go into that door and ask that guy Ekmet Teloess. then go back into castle fynn and go into the topright hand corner where hilda and gordon are then face the east wall and press A. then hit terms and use Ekmet Teloess. this can help too. B1F
    Hmm... This place is a nice drawback to your quest... the enemies are a bit
    out-dated so it should be facile. However, the items are spaced apart so you
    might have to fight quite more than a few monsters in six open-ended floors.

    As a prelude to this dungeon, Square has presented you with three downright
    PATHETIC items: a Shirt, a Knife and Eye Drops. Fun! The KNIFE is stabbed in
    the southeast, EYE DROPS to the northeast, and SHIRT draped on the heart of
    the floor. Done with them all? Northwest... you know what to do.

    God, what a joke. The items are still pathetic. We aren't sex slaves, you
    know, Square! We need good ones! An ETHER is in the same circular hallway as
    the one you entered from B1F, and there's one more POTION in the southwestern
    corner. The northwestern one has a MAIDEN'S KISS. The last corner, the
    northeast? Yeah, the stairway to heaven.

    Yet another corner-based maze. I'll make it quick, so I won't bore you out.
    Southeast=HI-POTION. Southwest=FLAME SHIELD. Northwest=SPIDER'S WEB, and a
    few steps below that chest has the stairs.

    A bit more complex than just a chest-in-every-corner theory. In the first
    fork, head to the right first to find a GUARDED chest with a POWER STAFF
    inside. Now, a blood sword can suck the enemy's HP and make it yours but it
    has ridiculously low HP so I guess it's worthless but keep it for now, don't
    sell it some merchant. Go to the central point of the room and head northeast
    for a FLAME ARMOR. Southeast is the exit, but don't forget the BETRAYAL FANG by
    the stairs. (God, how can I say 'stairs' differently? So repetitive)

    Getting closer to the waterways, as evident by the floods in this floor. Wade
    through the waters to the third hallway to the right. On that hallway, there's
    a chest guarded by a new monster: Rhyos. He has 750 HP so be extremely careful
    fighting him. The reward? Worth it! It's an ORICHALCUM, one of the best
    daggers in the entire game, if not the best. Now, there's no stairs this time.
    Instead, you have to find the right door. There are several doors here...
    which one's the right one? Go to the northeastern passage and enter the second
    door from the right.

    Grab the ultimate treasure, the WHITE MASK and go further north and step into
    the portal to complete this quest!

    copied it off of a walkthrough so it may help.
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    Vortex4000 posted on Oct 02, 2008 11:01:53 PM - Report post
    Heh... As I got stuck on the part where you find the dreadnought, Some gay walkthrough said the enemies here were tough as hell. So I just roamed around looking for the perfect training spot, I found the white mask.
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