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GI-JOE  posted on Feb 03, 2006 9:43:08 AM - Report post

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Listen, I get blasted to hell on this level whenever I turn the corner heading for the tank. NO CHANCE here at all!

Even in cheat mode I get blasted the very moment I turn the corner???

Any of you guys had better luck here???

Zeth_Durron  posted on Feb 04, 2006 10:58:47 AM - Report post

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ok, the trick is to play defensively. if u runout u will get killed, it si a law of nature. instead, tmpty ur smoke/frag grenades into ur path and run for it after the frags explode, shooting at the source of enemy fire

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GI-JOE  posted on Feb 05, 2006 1:57:53 AM - Report post

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This is the level where you are stuck in the armoured vehicle and trying to get out of the area. You can't use smoke bombs, because you are tied to the gun on the vehicle, which overheats very quickly.

I have got out of it though. It takes a couple of runs at it, before you see what you are up against here.

The worst scenario, is right at the very end of the journey. Your vehicle turns a corner and there is this tank sat there waiting and two or three soldiers with anti-tank missile weapons. (I did not see these guys the first couple of times around). There are two of them in particular on a balcony just above the tank.

The thing you have to whatch, is your weapon overheating here. You have to try and keep it cool as you approach the corner I mentioned. When you turn the corner, you have to take the tank out first, as quick as you can and then direct your salvo's at the men on the balcony above the tank. (If they get to shoot their weapons...your a gonner!)

If you get all these in good time, a couple more missile shooters appear, just as you are aproaching the burnt out tank and you have to be quick here again to take them out. The problem now is that your weapon will not fire right now, because it has overheated. You have to whait until the 'heat indicator' comes down some, before you can completly finish thses guys off.

This part of the level is largly down to a lot of luck as to how things 'unroll' for you. When I wrote this thread, I was in a postion of compleate 'NO WIN', because, when I turned this corner that I mention, a shell from the tank immediatly hit me (and I meaan IMEDIATLEY!). I did not have any chance to shoot my weapon at all! This happemed a on the repeats as well. So I came out of the game. The next time I tried it, the tank did not fire so qickly, so I managed to 'take it out', before it got off its shot. YOU HAVE TO GET THE TANK AND THE TWO GUYS ABOVE QUICKLY, to stand any chance of completing this scenario.

Azer  posted on Feb 05, 2006 5:56:52 AM - Report post

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well on "vet" mode all the guys appear at once, i find the best way to do it (only if ur gd at shooting) is not use the vechiles gun, but ur own, there is a save point just before you turn the corner, so if u die u just start from tht point, to get pst this part i exited the gun (F) because as u turn the corner and try to aim the vechile turns u so u have to fight against the vechile, this normaly makes u aim nowhere near to the men, so what i did was just after u turn the corner launch a grenade if uve got some by the side of the tank as this is where the men will appear and because there is a delay on the grendae by the time thy appear it should blow atleast one of them up, as soon as uve thrown the grenade aim down the sight of ur rifle and shoot the 2 guys on the balcony in the head, only 2 shots needed to do this and thts all ur gonna get if u kill these 2 guys straight away quickly aim for the 2nd man at the back of the tank, only 1 shot to kill him, u dont have time to fire more then 3 shots at the 3 men, so accuracy and skill is needed, once the 3rd guys is dead (4 in total) opperate the vechile gun, now if ur lucky the gun turrret wont be facing the opposite way of the tank (happend a few times and could not turn round fast enough) it should be facing maybe 90 degrees from the tank, turn and aim at the fuel tank on the tank now this is all about timing if u dont blow up the tank within atleast 2 secs ur bound to be blown up. to do this on "vet" mode its all about timing accuracy and quick thinking, know where the men are think ahead and dont forget a shot to the head is much more satisfying thn a "Spray and Pray" kill
GI-JOE  posted on Feb 05, 2006 6:37:58 AM - Report post

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Hmmmm.......I too initially found the same trouble here as you did Azer, in 'focusing' the gun in the vehicle, so to speak. (This was in my very first two or three attempts at the scenario). As you point out, the gun just wouldn't respond right at all. I remember thinking that a 'joystick' ought to be a better tool to use here, rather than the mouse.

SO! I went into the 'mouse sensitivity' menu under the game controls and increased the sensitivity a little. After that, I had no trouble manoeuvring the gun at speed and at will. The gun on the vehicle then responded as you would expect in the situation, completly free.

You did very well indeed, in using your standard equipment here Azer my friend, full marks to you lad. I think the game makers intended the vehicle gun to be used this way and not ristricted. Maybe there is a 'glitch' here that they don't know about?

Anyways, playing around with the mouse sensitivity certainly worked for me here. (It's no good trying to fight half paralysed on any front is it bud?)

Azer  posted on Feb 05, 2006 3:42:16 PM - Report post

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Thanks Gi-Joe, yeah it does seem to be abit strange that the objective in this scenario is to use the vechiles gun and that you can use your standard equipment.
i myself did not think of changing the mouse sensitivity to help "fight" the vechiles opposite behaviour, i may try this mission again and see if i can do better with a higher sensitivity even though i have passed it, and no it is not good trying to fight half paralysed
Unit420  posted on Feb 11, 2006 12:57:33 PM - Report post

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I don't think it's strange. If you use a wallmounted light-machinegun, can you not take out your weapon and shoot with it instead? Think realism. You are not LIMITED to a gun just because you have to use it.
Painkiller26  posted on Sep 08, 2006 7:44:58 PM - Report post

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first im shooting whit the machie gun de captain said fall back or somethin other then im not fallback its just shoot **** man im cant win it but now yeah
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