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EASY leveling.
Remenents  posted on Dec 31, 2005 10:49:02 AM - Report post

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To get your stats very high very fast its simple:

Step 1: Make a character and DO NOT USE THE POINTS WHEN YOU LVL!! Save EVERY point from lvling.
Step 2: Once your character has accumulated around 30 points or more (I usually wait until I have lvled the character to lvl 21 which gives them about 60 points to spend in stats)beat the very first stage and collect the Stone from Rallos Zek.
Step 3: Go back to Firona Vie and the back to the portal. Select the special stage from stage 1 (the 4 horsemen) and enter it.
Step 4: Once you are in, allot your points into the stats you want, dont worry about your skill points right now, just put the Str, Int, Dex, or Stam points in you want, use the all.
Step 5: This sounds stupid, but now.... DIE, just let the horseman kick yer ever-lovin arse.
Step 7: Once you have restarted, you will have all your points back and will be able to allot them once again and the points you have already alloted will still be there!
Step 8: Repeat as many times as you wish. With this cheat/game glitch you can have a lvl 21 with 2000 Str, Int, Dex, and Stam in about an hour or so.

To get another character lvls very fast and easily:

I did this on "CHAMPION" difficulty.
Lvl 45 Warrior with Str, Stam, and Dex all over 1800. Go to the last boss (Cazic-Thule or Mith Marr) on 2 player mode with my Lvl 45 Warrior and a Lvl 1 Character I had made (Ranger). Used my Warrior to destroy Cazic-Thule and everytime I did my Warrior and the Ranger gained 1 Lvl. In about 2 or 3 hours I had a Lvl 41 Ranger and a Lvl 61 Warrior. Not to mention, I got a full set of 245 defense armor and LOADS of other goodies. Then, once my Ranger was high enough Lvl to use it, I simply duplicated the armor so now I have 2 sets of it and 2 pretty damn good characters. With my Warriors current stats he is hitting for about 12,000 damage and critting for hella more.

Any questions or comments, dont hesitate to ask

DenomicDemon  posted on Jan 01, 2006 4:48:59 PM - Report post

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theres a quicker way if ya on ps2 version
buy action replay max
go on www.codejunkies.com
clik on where ya bought it u.k or u.s
then clik on codes
clik on c
scroll down till find CRTA
if not contine until you do
then print off cheats
go on action replay max for ps2
go on mew game
put in name of game
put in (m) code (there r no O's in any there all zero's)
go to done/enter
then go on code and repeat except changing the codes for wat it says uder the name of the code
hey presto infinty health, 25,000 xp per kill 200 attribute points to start
Remenents  posted on Jan 02, 2006 8:21:55 AM - Report post

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The problem with that is that you have to buy something in order to get the codes to work, for mine, all you need is the PS2 and the game, no ther gadgets or anything. Money saver and more fun because you will recieve items and exp everytime you kill Cazic or Mith. However, if you are willing to spend the money and want a fast high lvl character, then yes, your website and codes are the way to go. Either way, good luck to all.

Grizmok Dreadlord,
High Lord of the Undead.

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