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Dee13465  posted on Dec 19, 2005 3:03:06 AM - Report post

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I said that already,and telsgod pm me with more ifo on battle arena
zack_attack  posted on Dec 19, 2005 4:20:49 AM - Report post

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originally posted by SOrlando24

I think we need a Golden Ozaroo in that game...

I agree.

Also I think the Super saiyan system should be like B3, where you don't have to play a whole different character to go super saiyan, you just charge up your ki and L1 or something. That would be awesome, going from normal, to kaioken, to oozaru, to Super saiyan, to super saiyan 2, to super saiyan 3, to SS3 oozaru(golden oozaru), to ss4.

IxTsubasaxI  posted on Dec 19, 2005 9:11:16 AM - Report post

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zack_attack  posted on Dec 19, 2005 9:21:23 AM - Report post

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originally posted by IxTsubasaxI


do you mean you're bored of tenkaichi? well me too but...

AfterMath  posted on Dec 31, 2005 4:57:03 PM - Report post

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I thought the idea for this game to kinda make it like the show was quite interesting but this didn't quite cut it. I mean seriously the game said wow they had so many characters i think it was 90+ but thats bs cause almost half of em are all transformation. that turorial is also the worse tutorial i have ever played. it should at lease be interactive. they need a lot more characters also like 100+ not including transformations. but i guess spike was to lazy to finally nail ir and make all the characters. and what is up with the movie story mode sagas only one battle im sorry but there was a lot more than one battle in the dbz movies. oh yeah where are the alternate costumes... wow you get different costumes for different forms who cares. now the gameplay although you might think u get these gigantic levels they are all way to small for a free flight type of game like this. and also u can only fly one way straight. they really shouldnt of made it only one button where you hit and thats it. the z battle gate mode was pretty cool, that was one of the things that saved the game kinda but then again the costumes make no sense like goku when he beats frieza finally he walks away with his normal clothes and hes not battle damage as much as he was in the tv show. also the ozzaru arent as big as they are in the show. now next time like dimps make the next budokai and spike should step down. atari were u on crack when u let spike the creator of a wrestling game make a dragonball z game. they probably dont even like dragonball z. well heres a character list of people i think that atari should add to the list in budokai 4 or w/e next 1 gonna b called: all the evil shenrons, pikkon, king piccolo, all of king piccolos henchmen(tambourine etc.), nail, supreme kai, super kid buu(the super muscular one), uub(all his forms), general rildo, mighty mask, adult trunks(GT), adult goten, hildegarn, lord slug, turles, king vegeta, all of bardocks men, kui, android 13, android 14, android 15, android 8, kid krillin, the red ribbon army, babidi, all the supreme kais, grand kai, king kai, bulma, chi chi, general tao(cyborg), farmer(who fought raditz), gohan(GT), baby(all his forms), dr. myuu, artificial 17, dende, metal cooler, king cold, and almost every dbz character you can think of they should have in the next game. thats some characters they need to add. over all i thought this game was ok but budokai 3 was a little better but i got board of both so i played budokai 1 which i havent played in a while.

Well those are my suggestions, here are my ratings for the game:

7.5 Presentation
it was interesting try at reinacting the show but it wasnt as good as budokai 3 or the show

8.0 Graphics
these were better than budokai 3 but they were a little clunkey but the intro was great

4.0 Sound
it sucked badly they really need the music from the show to make it complete

6.9 Gameplay
hmm this is the determining factor of the game although it was like the show it was just too bad
Lasting Appeal NONE

(out of 10 / not an average) Preet Good but poor.

Thi is actually a review but i put sugesstions to stay on-topic. So discuss if you agree or not.

[Edited by AfterMath, 12/31/2005 5:02:13 PM]

SuperKidBuu  posted on Jan 14, 2006 3:36:57 PM - Report post

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I kinda agree but they should just take out the old a-holes and Kid Goku, Saibamen, Cell Jr. , and add more presentable characters like Rildo, a few of the Shadow Dragons, OMEGA SHENRON, and why do they only have Cooler's last form?
I also think they shuld make more in-game transformations like Goku's Kaioken, that was just a taunt. The power waves don't show as much on DBZ, it's too hard to get out of combos, some moves are 2 easy to dodge like Supernova, the luck and timing of certain things are too lame (like teleporting B4 a FM hits you, you have 2 do it at a precise moment, and some things never work or are useless like Psychokenesis, and there aren't enough veriety of moves.
If someone doesn't have an interssting move, they just give them FPEBV or FPEB, or a knock-off of another attack with a different name.
crypto  posted on Jan 14, 2006 3:50:42 PM - Report post

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they screwed so much up they need to start over they made me not like dbz very much anymore
SuperKidBuu  posted on Jan 23, 2006 6:34:18 PM - Report post

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Me too. That's because SPike developed Wrestling games and know nothing of DBZ. I don't know what the hell's up with the combos...
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