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New and improved!
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    insomniac posted on Nov 21, 2005 12:56:46 PM - Report post
    I just got SVR 2006 last night, Quite a few things have changed, but it still feels like the same SVR (which is a good thing)

    The create mode has been changed a bit, making it easyer for most people to make superstars, I however Preffer the SVR 1 create mode, it lets me move through the layers and place lettering/tattos much more quickly.

    The stamina meeter is a great addition IMHO, it moves the game to another level of realisam and adds a level of intencety to the match.

    The graphcs look amasing aswell, the faces look 3x better, although the crowd still looks like they need to switch to de-caff.

    I might add to this review later, but add to it as you wish, give your opinions about new features, and changes to old ones. thanks for reading.

    btw my computors broke at the moment, so im on my yonger brothers, the keybord is so small, so excuse any spelling mistakes.
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    NASTYuk posted on Nov 23, 2005 6:24:53 AM - Report post
    only problem is gfx skateing on ice with irish whip?
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    RIPRandy posted on Dec 29, 2005 6:49:17 AM - Report post
    get an ava dude
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    Sephiroth123 posted on Dec 31, 2005 3:53:56 PM - Report post
    I gots the psp and PS2 version it has some pretty sic graphics for a handheld

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    Elite posted on Dec 31, 2005 4:19:49 PM - Report post
    i dont like the stamina bar you character gets tired to easy and i think the gm mode is no good
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    AfterMath posted on Dec 31, 2005 6:59:16 PM - Report post
    This game Rocks big time! If you're looking for small details, those are what puts SVR above DOR2 in my opinion. For example, the locker room feature is probably over-looked by many people, but it's really an awesome addition. You can have multiple profiles in this game, and each profile will have their seperate locker room, season mode, and everything basically. Your locker room has everything in it, your trophies, belts, alt. attires, shopzone, profile stats, and challenge mode. You can decorate every detail of your locker room, and I mean EVERY detail. The trophies are won in exhibtion, challenge, and season mode. Each trophy wins you an unlockable and a new object to be purchased in Shopzone. Some trophies are easy (ie. complete Raw season), others are more difficult (Play every match type in exhibition).
    The challenge mode helps you get used to the game and improve your skills. Each completed challenge wins you money, and a trophy after each challenge category is completed (Amateur, Rising Star, WWE Superstar, WWE Legend.)
    Season mode is phenomenal. The voice overs and cut scenes are flawless. They improved 100% over SVR. Although there isn't alot of choice making, there are definatley more than enough storylines to keep you busy. Create An Entrance is simple yet difficult at the same time, but I still prefer DOR's. The CAW system for this game is the best I've seen for the SD series. CAWs now look much more realistic, and I would go as far as saying that it tops the holy DOR CAW system. Create A Belt has improved vastly, and is one of the best parts of this game. Having the option to create single or tag titles is awesome, as is inscribing the name plate. GM Mode is definatley a challenge, but it is very addicting. Lots of possibilites. The match types and gameplay are really what makes this game though. The Buried Alive Match is amazing, probably the best part about them is the Casket finishers. Undertaker will Last Ride you into the casket, HBK will Superkick you, etc. The Backstage Brawls are so fun, you have endless possibilites on how to hurt your opponent. I'll go as far as saying that even the BAP match is enjoyable this year. It's less of a match and more of a mini-game, with the choice of either beating your opponent senseless with a pillow, or stripping her down. Theres also a big bed in the ring to jump on. The cage match have improved the most though. You can smash your opponents head into the cage, dive off of it, and even escape through the door. But the best part of this entire game is defending belts in exhibition mode. Seeing your superstar wear his belt to the ring, fighting, and then eventually winning it is an undescribable feeling. You can use your belt as a weapon, also. It can be found either by the timekeeper or the announce table. Also, if you are facing another Champion, you can have a double title match, winner take all. All in all, I would say that for the first time, the Smackdown series have toppled DOR. This game has everything a wrestling fan/gamer could possibly want. The unlockables (Legends, ECW arena, Belts) will give you the urge to play nonstop, and the gameplay will blow your mind. There is so much freedom in this game, and I think that's what's been missing in wrestling titles for a long time now.

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