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near-flawless stratagies
Zeth_Durron  posted on Nov 03, 2005 11:29:34 AM - Report post

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i have a couple of stratigies for the Bespin: platforms map in Battlefront. If you want em' give me your e-mail adresses. These stratiies work best if you're an experienced player who knows how to fight. I dont have viruses and i don't spam.
jediIStheWAY  posted on Nov 03, 2005 12:06:08 PM - Report post

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why don't you give them here??

I got a hoth stratigie.

If you are empire go to the rebels main base (have to be dark trooper) go on to the falcon, and shoot anybody who spawns there. I win every time :yay:

Zeth_Durron  posted on Nov 03, 2005 1:19:46 PM - Report post

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These stratigies are quite long and comprehensive and would make this page take forever to download.
Zeth_Durron  posted on Nov 05, 2005 9:56:16 AM - Report post

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Alright, i'll post em' here but its not my fault if you cant download this page quickly

Bespin: Platforms
Tactics-Rebel Alliance
Long-range Extraction: two of the best sniping spots in the level are at the Extractor. One is on the catwalk ring around the roof of the Extractor CP. The high level gives you high visibility but leaves you visible to Imperial scouts and Stormtroopers. You can lie down and the catwalk offers some cover but you can’t move fast if a stray rocket or laser blast comes your way.
A more effective place to snipe is outside on the right of the tunnel leading from the Extractor to the Control CP. Because all Imperial units only have one level of zoom on their weapons, they are ineffective at extremely long range. But if scouts see you they can easily maneuver recon droids through the constant eruption of gunfire and call down an orbital strike on your location. Also, keep an eye on your map. If Imperial troops break the line, Dark troopers can sneak up behind you and kill you with a single shot.
Breaking and Entering: A more risky maneuver than the one above is to spawn your unit of choice at the Command CP and hop in an X-wing. Fly your X-wing to the Control CP and destroy all turrets on the command post and those on outlying platforms. Check your map to make sure no Imperial units are close to the Extractor. If they are, pull out now and head for the Extractor, as you can’t risk losing this central command post. Fly at low speeds toward the large opening on the southern side of the control. At the last possible second before hitting the inside wall, bail out and let the X-wing crash. It’s possible to contest the command post from the top of the ramp, but finding the right place can be tricky. After you have converted this CP, you need not worry about the , you will have captured most, if not all, surrounding platforms. After converting this command post, spawn more units and press the attack from both sides of the extractor. If playing splitscreen or multiplayer, two units can use a single Y-Wing to attack the Control. This will make the assault run much smoother.
Squad Jump: The best unit to use when attacking the extractor is the Dark Trooper. After assembling a squad of these Dark Troopers, a pilot needs to take out the two turrets on both sides of the Command with a TIE fighter. When all is clear, your squad of Dark Troopers (at least five, multiplayer; two, splitscreen, and one single player) can jump from the catwalk ring and land in the southern opening of the Command. To achieve maximum distance, start at the back of the ring and run the short distance to the edge. At the edge press X, X at the edge of the ring. The closer you tap these two buttons together, the farther and higher you will travel.
Team Strafe: While this may seem like a basic strategy, it takes great teamwork and skill to successfully pull it off. First you and a friend should spawn your unit of choice and the unit more equipped to take the extractor should head there. The second unit needs to hop in a TIE bomber, empty the co-pilot seat and patrol the space around the extractor. Once the rebels have been pushed back, the first unit should head to the top of the extractor. The bomber pilot will then fly at low speeds and head directly for the first player. If timed right, the first player can enter at the split second that the bomber hits. The pilot will then take both units back to a platform with two tie fighters. When both jump in their own fighter, one heads to the eastern end of the command CP and the other to the west. They both will come down on the point where the archway of the covered bridge comes out into rebel territory, if timed right, the rebels wont last long. Land the two TIEs at the two spots on the outside of the CP Rejoin your squad and win the battle.

[Edited by Zeth_Durron,

[Edited by Zeth_Durron, 11/5/2005 10:54:37 AM]

jediIStheWAY  posted on Nov 05, 2005 11:08:31 AM - Report post

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you don't download pages, you open and it may take a while to load. Also good stratgie, but found that out a couple of weeks ago, and i couldn't be to write it. But congrats for writing it!!
Zeth_Durron  posted on Nov 05, 2005 8:18:54 PM - Report post

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load, download, same thing. Where did you hear these before? I thought i came up with these!
snickel  posted on Nov 05, 2005 10:21:11 PM - Report post

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the best thing on platforms is just to run in as the basic soldier and take the middle cp quick then run in the narrow passage and strafe/ shoot untill you can push them back and take the base at the end of that then after that you should have killed so many that there will be nothing to do but pick off the straglers. I usually get around 150 kills easy
no deaths and 4 cp easy afther there are nothing but straglers

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