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scarab gun
SubZero_2049  posted on Nov 11, 2005 6:57:11 PM - Report post

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Ok now this is how i did it!!! put the difficulty at easy.unless u want it to be harder.have two players it's easer. i just simply killed all of the good guys at the begining of the level and then i went across the bridge with the tank and player 2 just sat on top of the tank. bout half way there is a wraith take it out and take out all the ghost on the bridge. after the tank there will be two guys that are good one that has a rocket launcher and the orther with a sniper rifle. take them out there is a banshee that comes from behind. take it out then head down the bridge and kill the ghost that are coming. then one of the ship thingys comes and dromps a wraith take it out. then as soon as u get passed the bridge there is a couple of banshee's take out all of them EXEPT ONE.then head forward torwords the tunnel and tree ghost come out take them out and then have player 2 sit there and watch the banshee so that it doesn't dissapear. then have player 1 (the one in the tank) go in and take out everybody.when u get down the tunnle a wase then u will see more good guys kill them make sure u killed them because they can kill the banshee easly. k then u willsee a wall kill everyone bye it and on it. and push the cars against the wall so that the banshee dosn't get stuck. and then u will see to the right a ramp go to the left side of it and run the tank up that wierd shaped thing next to the ramp and up there there is a korner ride it up the korner then bout half way turn the tank to the left and it should put the two wheel thing on the tank over the wall then u can get over the wall then kill the guys that are across that wall and the push the cars to the side again then get ove the wall again and there is the red tunnel there is a jakel in there kill himthen get out of the tank and go back to player 3 and help him or her get the banshee though the tunnle make it follow u it mite swerve and go back out just sit there it will come back then just keep trying to get it to the tunnle when at the tunnle there is a passage goin right and left get player two behind the banshee when u got it in the tunnle and player 1 distracting it so it will go though the tunnle have player2 push it lightly so it will go though the small tunnle when u like are in the small tunnle there will be a loading done thing or something go across the screen EMEDEITLY HAVE BOTH PLAYERS PRESS X BEFORE IT DISSAPEARS!!!then one of the players will get it fly it out of the tunnle then go strait up and there is two bridge's connecting two buildings fly it up there the scarab gun is on the first bridge closest to the tunnle when u get out of it is kinda far up there then when u get to the first bridge get out and there is a caution triangle and next to it is a plasma rifle type gun but it is the scarab gun just take it and try it out its that gun that the big spider like vechile that blows open the door on the great journey the last level in missions. have fun when one of the players is looking at u it kinda looks like a dragoon ball z guy its sweet !!!
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