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secret characters
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    bobdatoad posted on Sep 27, 2005 3:40:39 PM - Report post
    how do i get the people like hawk eyed mihawk??

    i have mrs sunday, but thats as far i ive gone

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    chips fruit rollups
    lvl 1


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    Saint_Jimmy posted on Nov 25, 2005 9:40:58 AM - Report post
    for chopper(the reindeer), i think you beat every body on hard mode, then play as nami in story mode. next is shanks. you see him in hard mode, but you dont unlock him.beat everyone in very hard mode, then play as luffy in story mode.
    last is mihawk. after unlocking everyone else, play as zolo in very hard mode.
    that is all that i can remember. there are other characters but i cant remember how to unlock them(one is weak as heck, and the other is almost as strong as mihawk) anyway, ill list them if i can remember how to unlock them. 😵
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    Rahu-III posted on Jun 09, 2006 10:43:20 AM - Report post
    there are codes to get 2 other secret characters they are
    Hold (L AA X A left A X B A X Y X A RR left) in story mode with sanji during the credits to unlock Mr.2 the guy with the ballerina outfit

    And for Mr.0 Is Hold (L Down A left down Y A X B up X R left Y right B R) there you go hope I helped a lot

    my user name Is...
    |Rahu-III| oh and on the last code you have to be in story mode as Ms. Sunday And input the code at the end credits!

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