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I have clocked this game
  • Send a message to Kevin
    Kevin posted on Jun 26, 2004 8:59:27 AM - Report post
    Hello every1 if any of you need any help at all about this game you can ask me as I have clocked this game. I work for a research company and my job over the last few weeks was to clock this game. you can email me at or reply to this.
  • Send a message to paul
    paul posted on Jul 01, 2004 2:27:16 PM - Report post
    dear kelvin
    in driver 3 when you have to steal the 3 jag look alikes whats the best way to do it or is there a cheat to help me get passed it as i keep running out of time just as i approach the truck with the 3rd car ? help.i have entered the all missions cheat but i will not allow me to anything

    many thanks
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    sneaky shooter posted on Jul 06, 2004 7:56:52 AM - Report post
    You'll have to be really quick on your motorbike to steal the first car. Then you will need all your luck to steal a car or bike on the place where you deliver the 1st car. The same for the 2nd and 3rd. It took me a certain while but achieved in the end.
  • Send a message to chaz
    chaz posted on Jul 17, 2004 7:05:46 AM - Report post
    how the hell do you hold the police off when your shooting out of the back of your van trying to escape? they just wreck my truck everytime and they just keep coming! how long do you have to hold them off for?
  • Send a message to Guest
    Guest posted on Jul 17, 2004 10:07:49 AM - Report post
    Hi Kevin,
    I am stuck on the chase calita mission i always seem to lose her when she turns onto the dirt roads could you please give me some hints on how to get passed this mission as it's driving me crazy.
    Thanks Emma
  • Send a message to tr
    tr posted on Jul 21, 2004 3:42:18 AM - Report post
    To catch Calita, crash into her as she slows down at the second gate in the park.

  • Send a message to BiG D
    BiG D posted on Jul 26, 2004 8:58:33 PM - Report post
    how do you get past the mission where u r in a building with the forklift and they r cutting through the door and u have to get out
  • Send a message to jack
    jack posted on Jul 27, 2004 5:35:34 AM - Report post
    To kill the cops when there chasin u, use the grenade launcher when they get close u have to fire at ur feet but just keep firing grenades the whole time.
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