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  trainers no longer run
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    allistaken posted on Oct 26, 2021 1:40:05 PM - Report post
    All of my trainers just fail to run when i try to start them nothing happens. Never had an issue until now.
    I disabled antivirus, it's not on my end. Maybe whatever authentication server that cheat happens uses is down?

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    Nookman posted on Oct 26, 2021 2:20:15 PM - Report post
    Have both these .NET CORE and FRAMEWORK Installed from Microsoft.

    .NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime x86 Link
    .NET Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime x64 Link
    .NET Core Current Runtime x86 Link
    .NET Core Current Runtime x64 Link
    .NET Framework (get latest) Link

    (Both x86 and x64 of the .Net Core MUST be installed)

    Reboot PC when done.
    Please disable/uninstall all antivirus, firewall and other security software including browser addons and extensions. Right click "Run as Administrator" on trainer and game. Please note that some security products may still block access to trainer injection even when disabled and must be completely uninstalled. If this is the case, please contact the product vendor for instruction on the proper way to prevent the trainers from being blocked by their software or find a better alternative.


    Extract trainer and make sure trainer/launcher/editor is in a folder excluded from virus scans. Empty quarantine folder if needed or set anything trainer related (paths and EXE's) to ALLOW. Disable any Live/Active/Real-Time tools which may trigger false positives in security software that may terminate the game/trainer when it's activated or options used.


    may need to be added to exclusions as well. Click and select "Run as Administrator", read the instructions and try again.

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    PWizard posted on Oct 26, 2021 2:46:09 PM - Report post
    What version of Windows are you using and what security software? If the problem were on our end, there would be over 1 million people complaining instead of 1.
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    Send a message to Romungus
    Romungus posted on Oct 30, 2021 10:57:43 AM - Report post
    Everything in Nookman's response works.
    The Farcry 6 trainer was working for me great until today when it would not respond at all while trying to run it. I only had x64 runtime installed, which was 3.1.20 and not 5.0.4. Not sure if that mattered but I reinstalled that and all of the others.

    I know there's multiple threads on this and you didn't need to post all of that here too, but much thanks for laying it all out like you did, and with links!
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    cqb5787325 posted on Oct 30, 2021 12:03:09 PM - Report post
    I'm having the same problem, it's all modern trainers very old trainers like Dawn of War Soulstorm work but newer ones don't at all. I followed every step from nookman and they still don't work. They just sit there showing the cheat happens logo and I have to manually close them.

    I run windows 10 the only security I have is the standard windows defender and I have all protection and the firewall off, I've had it off for years.

    EDIT: Clicking on the cheat happens logo offers an option for windows to restore the program and clicking on that makes it work. Weird. Must be on my end. Cheers guys.

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    CyPHeR369 posted on Oct 30, 2021 12:11:18 PM - Report post
    Authentication server may be slow try a couple of times, should be resolve after the maintenance upcoming on the 1st.
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