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Cheat Happens 2021 Poll Results
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    PWizard posted on Oct 13, 2021 4:39:55 AM - Report post
    What I don't really understand is that the Trainer Manager is supposed to be similar to an AIO (automatic trainer updates, etc) but while also retaining the option to run trainers individually and offline. Is it that you guys just want the trainer options to show inside the app instead of opening an external app? I mean, we can either try to improve the TM or we can go to AIO. But once we go down the AIO road, there's no turning back. Too much work involved. That's why I wanted to clarify here before we start on it.
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    Ninwes posted on Oct 13, 2021 5:16:20 AM - Report post
    For me the trainer manager is already a all in feature but indeed all trainers us different method and template to activate if that can be improved , but if Ox90 says that all trainers look the same with the same templates and if it makes it easier on your makers/moders i don't mind changing to another app.

    One feature would be good if it could be added that the trainer manager or the new app, if it could detect the games on your computer and you can find the trainer like that easier, now you still need to use the search feature in the app.
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    Rusty_Nails posted on Oct 13, 2021 6:16:30 AM - Report post
    Honestly, do what is cheapest and easiest for you in the long run, business wise.

    However, the prospect of a program that can identify game .exe's, download trainers and run them, with one click, is an enticing idea.

    Kind of how some Logitech keyboards have that display and it automatically detects games and applies different profiles.

    It would of course need to be 100% online, and maybe have a limit to how many trainers can be stored for offline used, (if any) increasing with subscription such as lifetime and lifetime plus perhaps. I don't believe it is too much to ask for, to have an internet connection, if you want access to thousands of trainers.
    An AIO would also definitely improve security of the use of trainers, as they can be encrypted.

    The AIO, I believe, is also much more marketable and easier to sell.

    My two cents

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    Jaks posted on Oct 13, 2021 7:52:27 AM - Report post
    Would an AIO version have any affect on specific options of trainers?

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    0x90 posted on Oct 13, 2021 7:54:24 AM - Report post
    originally posted by Nookman

    could there be something like you can only be offline for x amount of days before you are required to connect to the servers? it's a nice to have not a need to have

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    AIO is a client, it will request the trainer when you select it. if you want to be offline for X days, AIO has to store all the trainer information you want to access while being offline. This is a security problem and a user problem. Because what happens if you suddenly lose internet but want to use a trainer you haven't used in a while? We cannot allow everyone to have ALL of our trainers available at any time, besides this will kill your hard disk.

    Btw: Uplay+ requires permanent internet connection. I got kicked out of Far Cry 6 singleplayer because I lost internet for 5 minutes. Nobody complaints about this always online requirement of Uplay+. All Denuvo games require internet connection (only once within a few days but if you haven't launched them recently, you are out of luck). And how many times have YOU lost your internet in the last year? The biggest question I have is whether people understand what an AIO trainer application gives and what it takes? There are pros and cons. Some of the cons mentioned here are not cons at all. Some of the pros haven't been mentioned. For example an AIO application allows us to greatly reduce our problem with false AV alerts. Instead of generating thousands of slightly executable modifications which trigger ANY heuristic check, we have a single stable executable which can easily go onto any whitelist. Using an AIO app you can easily switch between trainer versions, downgrade and upgrade without waiting 30 seconds etc. There is so much more, this choice is a game changer. I remember how people were against Steam, they wanted retail disks and physical copies. Now people are upset if they cannot buy a game on Steam. I'm just saying...

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    0x90 posted on Oct 13, 2021 8:03:33 AM - Report post
    FYI: Another pro argument is compatibility. Imagine there is a new Windows version where older trainers won't run. We do NOT port and re-upload thousands of trainers. But in a AIO app all it takes is a single update.
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    IntegraHellsing posted on Oct 13, 2021 8:25:31 AM - Report post
    Why would they vote for All-in-One?
    There is no need for that. Iam with peace on searching the game i play and downloading the stuff i need. The current trainer system is perfect, there is no need for whole new change/system. The only thing CH needs it to improve on what it has already build. 🍰
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    ForsakenOne82 posted on Oct 13, 2021 8:41:34 AM - Report post
    I must have missed the notice about the vote, however I will say this.

    I am a paying member of CH and of another well known trainer group who currently uses an "AIO" platform. I literally only went there cause they have a fully working PayDay2 trainer and one for Police Simulator. That being said, I have noticed that the AIO has some pretty nice benefits. One in particular is that when I download a game or reinstall one etc., it sees it and the trainer is ready and waiting. There is also the fact that regardless of age or last update they all work with the in-game overlay via the windows game bar so I just hit {Start}+G and then tick off my options. They also have iOS support for the mobile control which is a big plus.

    Now, on the other hand, in many situations such as American Truck Sim, Euro Truck Sim, The Sims 4, and Control, the AIO says that the trainer is not compatible with the build version and you have to click a few extra buttons to use cause the game was updated without changing actual code and so the trainer thinks its broken but it works fine and you have to do this EVERY time you want to load. Another mark on their system is that when you are switching options with the keyboard hot-keys you get audio feedback that an option was toggled. If you do it with the phone app you just have to hope it works and you don't turn to a bullet sponge cause it didn't sync proper.

    There really are pros and cons to both sides of the AIO but for me at least, the cons are not enough to make me think the AIO is a bad idea. If I don't have internet its likely cause I have no power and I am not using my computer anyway at that point so needing to be "always on" has not been an issue for me to date and I have been using them now for almost the entirety of 2021. Your mileage may vary?

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