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Profile Dashboard (Feedback/Suggestion)
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    Xanthics posted on Apr 07, 2021 9:20:21 PM - Report post
    I've enjoyed to utility of the Dashboard often, and the usage of bookmarks being the primary interest. This being said, I have always wondered why the ability to edit the four representative panels to four options but if you use two of the same it just creates a duplicate. Since there are four places to select panels for, and only four panels that can be uniquely used the whole selection process has confused me because it's either a leftover element from a previous design, or it's not working, or even that perhaps it's just to select which panel goes where...

    With the above in mind, is there a chance to have this feature allow us to select four spots of customisation with each element unique? So if I use four panels of Bookmarks I will have twenty slots available?

    That said, I realise that this is probably very low on the list of things to do. I just sincerely want to have the ability to have four panels of bookmarks. The other panels do not serve enough of a purpose for my personal usage of the program I would like to believe that there are others out there who may want similar compositions of panels that emphasise the specific things they want on-hand in such a fashion.

    Big love all around, X
    "May all of your paths be paved in good fortune, the sky shining enlightenment and understanding down upon you and yours, and may you always be favoured in the eyes of the fates as you walk your path. Truly, be well." - Me
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