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    LuloCg posted on Nov 24, 2019 2:34:43 PM - Report post
    Hi I bought a lifetime status about a week ago and I've tried pretty much everything I could think of, asked in your Discord and so far your trainers don't work for me so I wanted to know if I could ask for a refund.
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    Jaks posted on Nov 24, 2019 3:00:06 PM - Report post
    These trainers work fine.

    If you'd like some help figuring out why they don't work for you, post what you do and what happens and we'll try to help you.

    If not, open a support ticket.


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    KingEli posted on Nov 24, 2019 3:00:36 PM - Report post
    There is no problem to issue you a refund, but none of the trainers work for you?! this sounds like a challenge, please provide some more info and we will help you to make it work.
    As you can see form the trainer videos the trainers here work flawlessly, there must be something on your end that keeps the trainers from working but we will help you to make it work, just provide more info please.
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    DragonStryder posted on Nov 24, 2019 3:01:07 PM - Report post
    i can't find any support requests from you on the discord, unless you use a different name there, but stating the trainers don't work without giving any information like what trainers, what doesn't work, what troubleshooting steps you took, without all of the information we cannot help you.

    once you have downloaded personalised trainers, a refund is not possible.
    if you need any further support you can always make a support ticket.
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