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    CyPHeR369 posted on Sep 11, 2021 4:25:38 PM - Report post
    Try on a new game, your save may have altered or old data still. Or, load save with no trainer, play and do a few things and re-save so value have a chance to update and then relaunch the game with trainer. Advised to turn off Steam cloud sync saving.
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    FalloutGod posted on Sep 11, 2021 9:59:11 PM - Report post
    Well, since I can only request one option per game I'm gonna have to suggest this one. Instant criminal timer cool down for theft.

    You can jack up criminality to 150 at the start of the game and while stealthed go around stealing stuff. This one is gonna take a bit of work to do as you'll need to grab stuff from different people and find the timers for each theft on the items you took. Thankfully the game tells you when the item will stop being considered stolen and the person will stop looking for a suspect. So that makes it easier to search for that value.

    Once you find those values you can see what writes to them and what access those values. Eventually, some sort of array of bytes should be determined and used to catch these timers being generated and can be used to instantly end them. I know this one is not gonna be an easy option to work on, unlike the one that I requested to reduce weight.... kinda regret spending my request on that as I managed to make an AOB script on CE to do it myself.

    😕 well, not that my request even got approved yet... but yeah, I would really like to see an option to instantly finish those theft timers. I like to steal everything from everyone in the game and finding a place to safely wait out the search is getting to be a hassle. Sometimes there aren't any safe places to do that so you have to wait out a whole IRL hour with the game running in the background. I really don't wanna be doing that every time I end up accidentally blocking myself from progressing in the game by my RPG kleptomania... like if I end up stealing from an NPC I'll need to talk to.

    [Edited by FalloutGod, 9/11/2021 9:59:56 PM]
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