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make money off alchemy
Guest  posted on Apr 05, 2004 8:09:19 PM - Report post

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since it is sometimes for a morrowind character with alchemy skill to mass produce potions cause theres so many things to carry, I set up my own shop, and have found it to be very profitable.
1. find mark and recall spells. you can take the mages guild teleport to every mages guild until you find them. theyre about $150 each.
2. kill the owner of nerano manor in Balmoro- you wont get caught, and you can use his house for for lots of stuff. its bigger than caius cosades house (and caius has stolen my things in the past).
3. nerano manor will get robbed if you leave your stuff alone, even if its locked. so you need someone to guard your stuff. Hloromar Wine-Sot is good for this. Hes a naked barbarian outside of Caldera. tell him you'll help him, kill the witch for him, but DONT pick up his axe he wanted. he will kill you if you have it and dont give it to him. Instead, just walk back to nerano manor in balmoro. Just outside the manor, cast a MARK spell. Head upstairs to the bedroom. Hloromar will follow you. make sure you shut the door behind you so he doesnt get away.
You now have lots of room for weapons, armor, ingredients and anything else. Hloromar prevents your house from being robbed. But if you try to leave, he will follow you. so to exit you will have to use the RECALL spell, which will send you outside the manor to the place you marked.
the fine alchemist from white haven will give you good prices for your potions. if you have a masters mortar and pestle, your potions will be worth more. you can steal one of these from the mages guild in cladera on the top floor, or you can kill Aureone Fernis in vivecs foreign quarter and get one to spare, some rare ingredients, and lots of free potions and recipes. For some reason, no one in vivec seems to like her, and if you kill her you will only be fined $40. just make sure you turn yourself in AFTER you have ditched all the loot back at nerano manor, otherwise the cops will take it.
In the future, I plan to find the other 2 naked barbarians, lock them in my house too, and bring them along to fight for me when i need them. Just keep them in a different room then Hloromar, or else he will escape with them and your house will get robbed.
FOXHOUND freak  posted on Apr 28, 2004 6:01:29 PM - Report post

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I am not meaning to discourage you, but making money off of alchemy doesn't seem that profitable. I just created a character with good sneaking and security skills. I have made well over 1 million drakes off of stolen goods. And my character is strong enough to fend off any guards that attack him, even the high ordinators in Mournhold. My character has complete mastery of long blade, short blade, blunt weapon, and at 57 spear. The sword I use is Trueflame, probably the most powerful long blade in the game. And if you are lookiing for a good place to sell rare weapons, just talk to the Talking Mudcrab Merchant. He has 10,000 per day and buys stuff for full price.
AyameTheBlood  posted on Jun 24, 2004 6:07:46 PM - Report post

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where is the mudcrap merchant guy?
NONAME  posted on Jun 30, 2004 9:25:18 AM - Report post

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Were do you get this trueflame longsword thing? and also, were do you get all this stuff to get about 100k (million)?
cady  posted on Jul 12, 2004 6:43:20 PM - Report post

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yay id really like to know where he is too i have over 12k but i still have like 2 houses and im still over flowing with stuff plz help!!!!! ill tell you how to kill with a lock pick.......

ok first get a really sucky weapon like a rusted dagger, then get any type of lock-pick or lock-probe candel ect....
then make shure you are facing the person you are about to kill, ok here comes the tricky part,
draw your weapon back like in attacking position, keep ir back, bring up your menu and equip you lock-pick or whatever you chose that you can hold in your hand, now get-out of the menu and release the trigger and your opponet dies instantly!!!!!!!! it realy works, i tried it my self. also if your car. is really good with short blade things and you use your lock-weapon for a long time (just go around killing people) your short blade skill will go up to as far as it can go.... mine is like 4317 no lie
i got all the good weapons and beat some of the toughest guys and im only a level 4 so have fun!
im me or e-mail me at minimonkei476@aol.com

plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wolf  posted on Oct 03, 2004 3:23:56 PM - Report post

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Hey speaking of potions, i heard you can MAKE skooma. does any one know how? i know you need the good skooma pipe but outher than moon shugar what do i use?
Sonson  posted on Oct 24, 2004 3:49:33 PM - Report post

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I need to know where the door to Arkthand Lower level i,in Arkthand please?
The Kid  posted on Oct 25, 2004 7:31:53 AM - Report post

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It is south of dagon fell on one the little islands (mudcrab merchant)
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