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A Dangerous Precedent
calvinstone  posted on Dec 07, 2018 1:42:39 AM - Report post

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Today CH cancelled the MHW trainer and it's cause capcom's crying wolf and being a bully.But this sets a precedent, an extremely dangerous one as PWizard said "will continue to make trainers for every other game possible as long as it doesn't affect multiplayer or in-game micro transactions".

Okay i get it if it ruins multiplayer i am for it, but seriously for in game transactions we need these trainers.Nobody wants to pay for these crappy items and anyone who says otherwise please just look it up, its gambling and has been psychologically aimed at our risk/reward center in brain.

Capcom is just being a bully and in future what if CH makes another trainer and any company literally just walks up to them and says "Hey we are big Xyz Corp. and we demand you stop making these trainers or we are gonna drown you guys in litigation."

Then what would happen, will they start retiring every trainer they are requested for.Then exactly what is the point of cheat happens trainer(no disrespect to CH staff you guys do a whole lot of work and you rock).All im saying is today capcom is screwing with us, what's there to stop other companies from forcing CH to retire their trainers.

Yes, im angry that CH has decided to retire MHW trainer but i understand their viewpoint cause they also have to put food on the table, and trust me litigation is hell specially tech.They drown time and resources like a black hole.

CH makes awesome trainers supporting a wide variety of options apart from basics like inf healt or stamina, is why CH has such a wide member base.But if this leads to future trainers being gimped or just being basic options, then CH and its members do need to re-evaluate their choices in regards to whether these trainers would be worth the money or not.

Just my 2 cents.

Mcwidow  posted on Dec 07, 2018 1:51:41 AM - Report post

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You are correct. But CH cannot get involved in legal brawling. It is time we as consumers move our money elsewhere and stop supporting the money grubbing unscrupulous leech publishers and stop buying their games.

If requested, CH needs to retire trainers to avoid legal action, so the choice is not really with them. I've pretty much stopped supporting games with micro transactions. You can only hurt them by taking your money elsewhere.

Either way, I am not interested in playing a game I cannot get a trainer for.

Taurusplopp  posted on Dec 07, 2018 1:52:05 AM - Report post

Site Support
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Long story short: It doesn't have to be a big publisher as we already have such situations covered in our Terms of Service (Link).

If any game developer or publisher wishes to have our cheats for their game(s) removed from our site, please contact and it will be done immediately without question. We are not here to harm or interfere with the online or multiplayer aspects of any game, simply trying to enhance the single player experience for those that may not be able to get the full benefit out of the game otherwise. Our cheats do not circumvent any copy protection that the games employ or allow users to play the games without purchase. Our cheats do not make any changes to the game's executable or game files, only modifying shared windows memory space used by the game and MS Windows itself.

calvinstone  posted on Dec 07, 2018 3:58:31 AM - Report post

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I all for enhancing the hell out of single player mode, cheating in multiplayer is scummy in my opinion.
mjcouncil04  posted on Dec 07, 2018 6:16:05 AM - Report post

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Let me start off by saying that I agree with @calvinstone on the fact that I also hope that this doesn't start to trend with other game companies. I pray that this situation was just isolated to Capcom and this specific game. It does seem unlikely that this will become a trend given the fact that CH has been doing this for Years and Years and Capcom has been the only one (that I know of). I also agree with @calvinstone about micro transactions. I have no sympathy for companies that implement this system in their games. It is indeed a form of gambling when it comes to loot boxes and in-game micro transaction. I never agree with a pay-to-progress system and they are hurting the gaming industry today in my opinion. So if a trainer can go around or go through this method to make the grind easier and less time consuming then I am All In. I also believe that there should be no cheating in multiplayer for any reason. I am fully against that and CH put up plenty of warnings on the site about that as well. I also agree with @Mcwidow and the fact that I don't want CH involve in a Long legal better. Those that run CH work so hard and I don't want their business to suffer because of legal troubles. I agree with @Taurusplopp and CH on their Terms of Service when it comes to situations like these. But I also think that game companies should have a concrete reason with evidence on why a trainer should be Retired/Taken down for a game. It shouldn't be a case where they can just say Take that trainer down for this particular game and that's that. But like I stated I also don't want CH in a long legal battle so I guess that's Double Edged Sword. All in all I would like to end with this. We all know Capcom did this because the believe it was hurting their pockets when in came to DLC items. I believe Capcom should have had their DLC items server side to combat this type of situation like other companies do. Capcom should have know this was a possibility so I hold them fully responsible and not CH. Hopefully Capcom learns from this with future games involving DLC items. Capcom needs to understand that trainers actually promote a lot of people to buy games depending on the trainer. I am one of the people who base buying games off of the Trainer available for it. I think Trainers are good for the gaming market. Trainers also greatly help people with Disabilities. Great job Capcom, you just ****ted on everyone. That's BS

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