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  Deep Rock Galactic Trainer
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    Send a message to wildmanwiles
    wildmanwiles posted on May 01, 2022 2:25:03 PM - Report post
    Each time i try to activate the trainer (using the gamepass version), I get this error:

    15:21:47: Deep Rock Galactic, 1.36.70633.0 #2 (STEAM/XBOXGAMEPASS), Last modified: 05/01/2022 12:56:38
    15:22:20: Successfully attached to FSD-WinGDK-Shipping
    15:22:21: money, Script error in line 3: Cannot find aob for 'originalcode_8943'

    The trainer quickly fails when activating and I'm unable to try out any other features. Using Aurora for the Gamepass Version
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    Send a message to hangfire
    hangfire posted on May 01, 2022 5:41:46 PM - Report post
    originally posted by Yautja Relvan

    originally posted by hangfire

    Yeah same issue when using the scout with rapid fire the recoil sends his gun super high immediately and then you cannot decrease the gun beyond midscreen or there abouts... Also same error with the drill ammo option

    18:02:44: Script error in line 1: Cannot find aob for 'originalcode_7421'
    18:06:27: Successfully attached to FSD-Win64-Shipping
    18:06:41: Script error in line 1: Cannot find aob for 'originalcode_7421'

    Also don't let idiots like manzomp push you guys too far the toxicity was obvious and he was a troll so good riddance you guys do great work

    oh and for some reason the game sometimes lags and freezes when in the equipment loadout screen with the trainer on

    [Edited by hangfire, 5/1/2022 10:13:18 AM]

    Hi, @Hangfire. I noticed the lag with the loadout screens too, but it only occurs when I have rapid fire activated. Can you test this too? My workaround is leaving rapid fire deactivated until mission starts. Then, I deactivate it at mission's end. I hope this helps!

    Rapid Fire is one of the best features, so I'm cool with having to stick with this work around until it gets fixed.....or even if it doesn't. :-P

    hi yeah, 100% I just realised it's that option you're right it has also caused some freezing and crashing when the mission ends.

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    Send a message to Chikushodo
    Chikushodo posted on May 02, 2022 12:53:52 AM - Report post
    originally posted by PWizard

    originally posted by manzomp

    Oh that must be the funniest sh*t I have read today having a patch come out lets see a few days ago and your complaining about hotfixes complaining about a game that runs and has way more content than AAA scams nowadays and this game has no bugs left from early access or release I KNOW cause I have played since day 1 with over 2k hours on steam new bugs have arrived yes AS WITH ALL NEW PATCHES don't blame the developers or the game when your to slow or to uninterested to make a trainer properly the game runs fine NO GAME BREAKING BUGS this patch your full of sh*t just like I paid for deep rock I paid for CHEAT HAPPENS do your job properly or stfu.... not replying to you again or anyone here for that matter we both know your to lazy to make the training properly so now it crashes the game so make the trainer properly or do not bother at all otherwise your no better than the pos AAA companies that shuff out sh*t games for a quick buck you have us waiting till the trainer has at least 30 up votes to be updated so now we have to wait again for what another bugged out trainer that you were to lazy to make properly I literally made another up vote earlier and got a email back from one of you geniuses telling me there is nothing wrong with the trainer and in the same sentence "a fix will be uploaded soon" Go ahead delete this comment or cry about it in the forum cause you know what I said is true I really could not care less I only want the trainer to complete the season 2 dailies faster anyway so I can go back to playing normally but seems like I am going to a different trainer site cause at least there the people who create trainers actually give a sh*t go f yourself very much.... 🤢

    Thanks for you inspiring speech. I have decided that it's in YOUR best interest to go elsewhere for your cheats that are updated split seconds after developers patch their game every 4 hours so I have deactivated your account. I am happy to reimburse your Lifetime membership that you paid back in 2018, just email me your paid receipt and your PayPal address.

    Now, back to people that actually understand what is going on here and how things work. We will update the trainer when it will last more than a few hours, either that or we can simply RETIRE the game if that is not good enough. We have MORE than enough games and other updates to keep us busy until kingdom comes. I guess some people just think that is is Deep Rock Galactic Happens which unfortunately it is not.

    BTW, we have now made *86* TRAINERS for this ONE GAME since it came out. If that is NOT dedication and doing our job, then please explain to me what is? Also, if the game works so perfectly, why patch it multiple times a day? Just for the hell of it?

    This thread is locked for the time being while we decide if it would be best to just retire the game or go for *100*+ updates on this wonderful rollercoaster. We will keep you posted.

    [Edited by PWizard, 4/30/2022 9:33:23 AM]

    Ignore those who don't understand your hard work. CH been great with so many titles and this game is among those many games that you've kept alive with updates. I would rather see you guys make it "ON HOLD" than retire it, as it's one of the few games that is just amazing and many of us keep coming back to. Of course the end result lies on your end as we know or understand little about how much workload CH deals with everyday. However considering even some games were retired came back to ACTIVE status, I have hope for this game's trainer from CH. Just don't get it what suddenly happened with this game! Used to work with new trainer even after few patches were done to it. They must have ruined something internally. 😟

    Perhaps we should wait it out. I can wait for a few weeks or months if need be for a trainer. Better late than never.

    Last but not least, always: Thank you for all the fantastic trainers for so many games you provided for us.😇

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    Send a message to SenpaiKen
    SenpaiKen posted on May 02, 2022 7:41:24 AM - Report post
    Ummm I just noticed that the exp multiplier we used to have for the trainer is gone, I didn't see anything in posts as to why it was removed

    Does anyone know why ?
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    Send a message to EducatedChaos
    EducatedChaos posted on May 02, 2022 7:44:30 AM - Report post
    Just thought I would add.....

    I just installed another update for this game on Steam. I checked the latest available trainer and was pleasantly surprised that most of it still works... the only thing I couldn't get working was the Unlimited Flares / No Flare Cooldown.

    Id also like to add that a trainer at "some point" is far better than a title being retired. I personally very much appreciate the effort, will (and have) wait as long as it takes for the update and any member who thinks that paying for a service automatically grants them the right to be a rude, ignorant moron, shouldn't be welcome as a member at all.

    Keep up the great work guys, I can totally live without unlimited flares 🙂
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    Send a message to renegade8912
    renegade8912 posted on May 02, 2022 9:23:23 AM - Report post
    ^^^^ all of this right here, would rather have a trainer that gets updates at some point than lose it all together, if I didn't know any better I'd swear DRG devs were watching this trainer because steam applied an update earlier today for me after a hotfix was applied to the trainer. In any case I know this is 1 game out of probably 1000's CH is working on/updating trainers for so when the updates happen they happen. Thank you again all of CH staff for all the work you do 💛
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    Send a message to Antermosiph
    Antermosiph posted on May 02, 2022 11:05:08 AM - Report post
    I want to chime in my thanks as well for all the work being done. I absolutely do not mind one bit if the trainer is put on hold for like a month for the hotfix spam to pass. Might be prudent to do given how often its updating right now.
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    Send a message to Namodeeps
    Namodeeps posted on May 02, 2022 7:56:30 PM - Report post
    A warning about an update being pushed too soon. They're going to release another series of hotfixes addressing the various issues with Dreadnaughts and some of the weapons, and the overclocks.

    Should be coming in the next days. Given that the hiveguard completely freezes sometimes and cannot be killed.

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