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    How to reset or fix Trainer Manager Prbs
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    Caliber posted on Feb 23, 2018 11:41:22 AM - Report post
    Reboot and make sure Trainer manager isn't running.

    delete the file


    if it exists, here:

    C:\Users\\Cheathappens\Trainer Manager

    also, you may need to also delete the file:


    If still problems, you may need to delete all the folders (not trainers) in the directory holding your trainers, for example if they are here:

    C:\My Trainers

    Remove the folders (like CRC, Favorite, etc)

    If the TM seems to be using a lot of CPU time and taking awhile when you first run it, that is normal. This is ENTIRELY due to Windows defender or many antivirus programs which are bogging the CPU down at kernel level checking the files as the TM is reading them for the first time and then marking them safe. Its a Windows 10 thing..

    This will generally fix all troubles.

    Trainer Creator
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