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Official Trainer Thread  Battletech (2017) Trainer
CyPHeR369  posted on May 02, 2018 4:37:26 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Zadkiel

Wow really, an insult, it amazes me people are posting on here to get answer to questions and some person starts calling everyone an idiot. Every computer runs different, not everyone uses the same settings or AV. If you don't have a helpful comment don't post it, if you notice an tech issue post it by all means but don't insult people.

That post did offer insight and tips on how he was able to get it to work for him and no where in that post was the word idiot. The word used was lazy and from my short time as moderator, I see it as pretty factual most of the time, so if the shoe fits... Maybe if you actually read the post and did not imagine things that were not there, you would have seen that.

Caliber  posted on May 02, 2018 6:40:23 PM - Report post

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originally posted by hishoa

Hi, is there anything new in this version that's not in the one uploaded on April 25th?

No, but since I have to spend 15-25 minutes reloading the game, checking the entire trainer due to 3-4 people posting that the trainer needs update, rather than reading the instructions how the trainer works and the guides and all the tips here, then we update the version to the latest date and post it. This is REAL TIME used to have to check things that aren't really broken, time that I won't ever get back and could have been used for other things here.

At any rate, the latest trainer posted is up to date as of when it was posted.


Zadkiel  posted on May 02, 2018 9:02:28 PM - Report post

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Ok, so far we have seen that the major issue people are having with the trainer is the no heat generated.

I will put out all the things i have done to try and get it to work, thing I have noticed and little things I've done to get around them

before started deleting temp and user files:

no heat: fired a ppc and turned it on almost an instant "activated"
armor buffs and debuffs: this has been the most consistent cheat that's worked for me through out this problem
structure buffs and debuffs: ok this one might be on my end alone but when i use the structure buff at the end of a mission i go to the mech bay and the game crashes, like i said might be my end only. As for the structure debuff it works great
unlimited xp: no problems just an annoying in game window saying pilots need training :P
unlimited c-bills for purchasing: didn't use this due to making money was easy for me
99 items in store: always a hit or miss works on some planets but not on others, my end probably

after deleting files
no heat: unless i deleted the files for some reason this fiddled with the stability mechanic and downed enemy mechs were sliding all over the map and shooting me, quite the surprise when i noticed it
armor and structure buffs: same issues no problems with armor, just structure buff being wierd
unlimited xp: same as before
unlimited c-bills for purchase: same as before
99 items: same as before works with some planets others not so much, I think this ties into which planets have the "manufacturing" characteristic

as to now (even after deleting files and rebooting):

no heat: 15 minutes will go by before it says failed, I have tried pressing it when a weapon fires, wait for all my lance to have heat, make one or all my lance have the active status of overheat, it all comes back failed.

armor and structure same as when all this started
unlimited xp: same as before
unlimited c-bills for purchase: same as before
99 items: hit or miss, I will try to activate it on a world that has manufacturing and one that doesn't and see if that's the sweet spot.

Shorty Lickens  posted on May 02, 2018 9:11:43 PM - Report post

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I got yesterdays update from Steam and yesterdays trainer. I'm running both as an administrator. Deleted temp files as per above instructions. When I press F1 at menu or manually activate it outside the game, I get a "Please Wait..." and after several seconds "Failed". Always. Every time. Tried it for half an hour. no worky.

Any suggestions?

Zadkiel  posted on May 02, 2018 10:07:15 PM - Report post

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ok here is an update: just downloaded the newest trainer, deleted files for a fresh start, followed readme instructions even went to skirmish mode to test it out and still I get a failed from no heat tried after lance had heat and tried it when actively firing. I am at a loss as to why this is happening no problems with the armor buffs just no heat is being finicky. MY AV is off I am using admin rights to run all this should I just try a reinstall and see if it is my game thats causing the issue. Like I said before only the no heat is giving me greif. Side note i am over 1000 days into game time could that add a factor?

ok just tried again and I got the no heat to work. Deleted the files rebooted. I would recommend activating it just before you fire off an lrm or a ppc due to the fact they generate a good heat spike. Will exit game and see if I still need to delete the files.

[Edited by Zadkiel, 5/2/2018 10:22:20 PM]

LOL ok without deleteing the files went back into the game and got failed, on a side note I got curious and tried it at the main menu and it activated, lol I managed to recreate that issue with the stability mechanic and I also noticed that my pilots didnt take any wounds as well. Don't know if that helps or not but just an interesting turn of events.

[Edited by Zadkiel, 5/2/2018 10:40:09 PM]

Sh@dow  posted on May 03, 2018 8:16:35 AM - Report post

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I have been lucky not to have many issues with it myself.
I had an issue of it activating the other day yet would still generate heat and overheat my mechs, but the did what CyPHeR369 said by removing those two files which helped fix the issue.
I usually press F1 just after I have pressed "move" then selected somewhere to move to.
It usually takes 15-20 seconds or so then activates.
The heat still goes up past the bar and shows shutdown alert if i have too many weapons firing at once ofcourse, but right after firing (the next turn) the heat returns to normal.
Im currently on the 4th or so mission.
Due to modding the game and fiddling around though I have started over a few times and not done passed the 9th mission or so.
I will keep playing the same storyline now and post updates though if i have any issues that other people are having here as to if it starts to happen at a certain point in the storyline.

If it helps in any way my copy of the game is a steam copy, haven't needed to click on administrator for the trainer or game and run Kaspersky antivirus but have no issues with it left on.

jonesyx  posted on May 03, 2018 11:31:32 AM - Report post

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FYI one of the current problems with the game is if you have absolutely tons of savegames loading will slow to a complete crawl. I'd recommend staying under 10 at a time.
itskitt  posted on May 03, 2018 11:35:35 AM - Report post

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Everyone please cool it down, the trainer works, I have tried and used every option, its great CH is the best, but if yall keep complaining and making this trainer become a problem then there will be no trainer at all. So please take some time to read and try all the different things. Let them have a break from working so hard to get this going for us.
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