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CoSMOS v3.4.0.0 Released
PWizard  posted on Jun 08, 2017 10:31:06 AM - Report post

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CoSMOS Changelog

[+] Added a .NET assembly explorer (similar to DnSpy / IlSpy / Reflector) which can be used to browse source code in Unity games. Moreover you can directly jump to its memory location
[+] Updated DevExpress to version 17.1
[+] Added native DevExpress translations for Italian and Chinese Simplified
[+] Added a button to restart CoSMOS
[+] Added hotkeys to various buttons
[*] Updated Documentation
[*] Values are shown as unsigned by default now
[*] Improved performance here and there
[*] Use mono jitter menu item has been put out of sub menu to make it easier to see if its active or not
[*] Windows calculator is now automatically opened in developer/programmer mode when launched in CoSMOS and also centered on CoSMOS
[!] Removed debug leftover button
[!] Fixed a couple of minor memory leaks in various places
[!] Fixed a couple of minor bugs in various places

[+] Highlight used registers in 'Find out what addresses this instruction accesses' context menu

[+] Reworked design makes it easier to see to whom we give credits and which third party we uses

[+] Reworked navigation

[+] Started implementation of custom information inside saved tables (started with a check that notifies when the saved table was created by a newer CoSMOS version)
[+] Added a new button next to advanced options to reset them to default
[*] If you activate a script and the script has child nodes it will be expanded automatically now and vice versa if you deactivate it
[*] Reset scan button no longer resets advanced options, use new button instead
[*] Realigned advanced options to better fit available space
[*] If you double click in the value field and the selected node is a script it opens the content in a script editor now
[!] Fixed debugger context menu items disappear in some circumstances
[!] Fixed item property of unicode string turns into array of bytes type

Script Editor:
[+] Added intellisense (auto complete/suggest the typed word based on your symbol/label/define etc keywords, hotkey CTRL+Space)
[+] Added support for nested classes on getmonostruct
[+] When saving a script for the first time you will be asked for the script name
[*] Improved double click selection
[*] Improved speed of finding unique aob in module
[!] Fixed possible exception on getmonostruct while detached

[!] Fixed couple of memory leaks
[!] Fixed qword ptr parsing
[!] Fixed minor bugs

[+] Updated Capstone to version 3.0.5-rc2

Savegame Editor:
[+] Reworked design to give better usability especially for low experienced users

Pointer Scanner:
[+] Replaced waiting bar with progress bar showing realtime scan progress
[*] Improved status message especially when scan is done and pointers will be added to list on second pointer scan
[!] Fixed small memory leak

Structure Dissect:
[+] Added browse in dump context menu item
[+] Added possibility to create groups
[*] If you insert a new offset item it will be automatically guessed from the current selected node
[*] Double click only opens node properties when offset column is focused now (prevent it to open when you want to change a value)
[!] Fixed error spam if target process has exited
[!] Fixed parsing values from child nodes
[!] Fixed exception when trying to open node property of auto filter node
[!] Fixed string length in mono structures

Memory Viewer:
[+] Added an option to highlight a specific register
[+] Added aob scan region injection context menu item
[+] Moved some strings to translation file
[+] Added context menu item to copy unformatted address to clipboard (without module or symbol names)
[+] Added memory position column captions to text view
[+] Added multi cell copy to clipboard from dump viewer
[+] Added paste of AOB to dump viewer is now possible
[+] Added a status bar to opcodes list
[*] Improved jump lines so they will be displayed even if the selected node is no longer visible
[*] Improved speed of scanning for AOBs inside module
[*] Changed selection in dump view to cell selection
[*] Changes text view so it does not show extended ascii symbols
[*] Go to address dialog is now sizeable in width
[!] Removed line breakers in auto generated comments if exist
[!] Fixed Find AOB does not respect your show symbol setting
[!] Fixed status bar address is wrong

Cormellion  posted on Jun 10, 2017 11:15:08 AM - Report post

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Excellent well done. But I've just updated and find cosmos continually crashing now, as soon as I try a scan. Is this a known bug?
gabelul  posted on Jun 10, 2017 2:54:34 PM - Report post

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same happens to me , i just updated and keeps crashing. Cosmos folder is whitelisted in AV so no problems from that , worked perfectly before . I'm on win 7
Criel  posted on Jun 10, 2017 2:55:57 PM - Report post

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originally posted by Cormellion

Excellent well done. But I've just updated and find cosmos continually crashing now, as soon as I try a scan. Is this a known bug?

I was having the same problem yesterday but I was using a Unity game (one of the bundle ones made with the personal edition) so I thought it might have been the game.

I'll try it with a game that I know worked in the past and see what the results are.

PWizard  posted on Jun 10, 2017 4:42:52 PM - Report post

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new version uploaded
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