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CoSMOS 2.0 - Now with Pointer Scanner
PWizard  posted on Jan 19, 2017 2:36:31 PM - Report post

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Cheat Happens is proud to announce version 2.0 of our CoSMOS Gamehacking Tool.


CoSMOS Changelog 2.0.0

[+] Added a pointer scanner
[+] Added context menu item to scan for pointers of selected item in stored results
[+] Added string references search to memory viewer
[+] Added context menu item to search string references in current module in memory viewer
[+] Added support for showing string references in memory viewer
[+] Added structure dissect (hotkey: CTRL+D)
[+] Added unique identifier for aob scripts
[+] Added aob scan region script template
[+] Added more filter operators to the symbol list like contains, begin/ends with and so on
[+] Added symbol names toggle to memory viewer

[*] Increased performance by up to 68%
[*] Static addresses in scan result list are now green
[*] Improved finding unique AOB (skipping some address specifiers, calls, etc.)
[*] Disable auto generating comments for pointers not pointing to static addresses in memory viewer
[*] Disable rip-relative addressing
[*] Improving pointer handling on stored items
[+] Upgraded DevExpress libaries to 16.2.4

[!] Fixed two memory leaks
[!] Fixed jumping to invalid address in memory viewer resulting in an exception
[!] Fixed deactivating issue with aob script templates
[!] [REPORTED] Fixed ArgumentNullException in memory viewer
[!] [REPORTED] Fixed invalid regex exception on speedhack injection
[!] [REPORTED] Fixed installer overrides setting file

PWizard  posted on Jan 20, 2017 7:25:30 AM - Report post

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CoSMOS Changelog

[+] Added button to add selected pointer(s) to list
[+] Added button to delete selected pointer(s)
[+] Added buttons to import and export pointer list
[+] Added auto refresh pointers (to see where they point to in real time)
[+] Added possibility to filter pointers

[*] Improved performance on pointer scan slightly

[!] [REPORTED] Fixed overflow exception on parsing rubbish assembler code on 64bit targets


Coming Soon:

- Don't load all pointers to list. As of now it eats several GB's of memory and minutes of time if hundred thousands pointers have been found.

- Possibility to rescan a pointer list

- Tutorial videos about pointer scan and string references

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