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Trainer request
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    Send a message to sparda024
    sparda024 posted on Jan 17, 2017 10:36:01 AM - Report post
    Is this up for consideration for a trainer? I did not find it, maybe I'm not seeing it lol.
    I used a mere 50 credits to request it by typing in the name manually because I could not see it on the list.
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    Send a message to dethdealer
    dethdealer posted on Feb 03, 2019 10:06:37 AM - Report post
    Has anyone tried to request the windows version? I have been looking at exactly how to do this, and it looks like an upgraded account is needed and wondered if anyone has tried it yet and successfully had one voted in. I see alot of options for games up for voting that cost 60,000 to vote. Ive been here for years and dont have that kind of pull. Just looking for info on doing this, how the points are figured for the actual requests, and if it actually goes through. I find it interesting that when doing a initial request for a unlisted game that you cant actually request the exact version you want it seems to be autoset or chosen to go straight to steam. Please dont take this as a complaint just looking for information I couldnt locate on other forums here on all this. Maybe I missed a tab when requesting a new game, that allows you to specify which version you actually want.
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    Send a message to teameffigy
    teameffigy posted on Mar 14, 2019 3:39:59 PM - Report post
    I requested the WIN STORE version and was DENIED.

    Your request to have Windows Store Version added to I Am The Hero has been denied as falling outside our guidelines or not being possible due to the mechanics of the game engine or not having a savegame. This option will go into the DENIED list of options and should not be requested again.

    Additional Comment:
    This game had 17, SEVENTEEN, downloads since 2017. we wont be buying it again and working on it again
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    Send a message to Jaks
    Jaks posted on Mar 14, 2019 4:48:52 PM - Report post
    Personal observation. Guys, you can handle trainers and games as you see fit but if you want to be happy playing games using trainers, consider a couple things.

    I always check the status of a trainer first. If there's not a trainer, I put in a Request to see if one will be made or I at least inquire and try to find out. When I'm satisfied there's a working trainer or one is in the works, THEN I buy the game. Buying the game first can be a crap shoot.

    With so many Distributions now available for games, it's impossible for CH to buy all the versions and keep them all updated. There's games here with over *80* iterations of the trainer which makes them rough to keep up with. Imagine the chaos if they made several versions for different distributions. Also, for continued updating, a trainer has to show popularity and the measuring stick for that are the dload counts. A game with low dload counts and/or continued regular patching and updating is headed for Retirement before long.

    There have been instances of games with multiple versions made for alternate distributions but they've stated multiple times that Steam is the default distribution channel and will usually be made first when available. For now at least, Steam has the largest assortment of games and the largest customer base so it only makes sense for CH to follow this paradigm.

    It may not be a perfect system but it's not a perfect world.

    [Edited by Jaks, 4/1/2019 3:15:58 PM]
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