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  Space Hulk: Deathwing Trainer
  • Founder
    Send a message to PWizard
    PWizard posted on Nov 22, 2016 10:20:47 AM - Report post




    Numpad 1: Unlimited PsyGate
    Numpad 2: Mega Ammo Clip
    Numpad 3: Unlimited Stamina
    Numpad 4: Unlimited Actions
    Numpad 5: Unlimited Health
    Numpad 6: Unlimited Buddy Health
    Numpad 7: Fast Power Cooldowns
    Numpad 8: Fast PsyGate
    Numpad 9: Unlimited Reknown


    Numpad 1: Unlimited PsyGate - toggle this on and you can call the PsyGate
    as many times as you like.

    Numpad 2: Mega Ammo Clip - toggle this on and many weapons will have super
    large clips when you fire them, thus you need to reload less often.

    Numpad 3: Unlimited Stamina - toggle on and you have unlimited stamina to
    run and attack, etc.

    Numpad 4: Unlimited Actions - toggle this on and then press SPACEBAR to
    quickly refill the number of actions your buddies can perform.

    Numpad 5: Unlimited Health - toggle on and most things cannot harm the
    player controlled unit.

    Numpad 6: Unlimited Buddy Health - toggle on and most AI controlled
    friendly units are immune to most damage types.

    Numpad 7: Fast Power Cooldowns - when you use certain powers, there
    is a cooldown timer before you can use them again. This will
    make most powers ready to use again instantly.

    Numpad 8: Fast PsyGate - when you call for the Psygate, there is a
    timer that starts and you cannot teleport until the timer
    finishes. This will make the timer finish instantly.

    Numpad 9: Unlimited Reknown - toggle this on, then go where you can
    spend reknown, then buy items, even if you have no Reknown.
    You will be able to buy what you want and then have plenty.

    Temporarily Disable Hotkeys

    To temporarily disable the Hotkeys, press CTRL-H after trainer is
    activated. You can use CTRL-H to re-activate the Hotkeys as well.

    Creating Custom Hotkeys

    You can click on the actual option in the Trainer application itself
    to modify the Hotkey or the value used for that option. The trainer
    will save your hotkeys for you. To delete your Custom Hotkeys for
    this trainer, press the Debug Tab and then press CTRL-K and the keys
    will be deleted.

    AUTHENTICITY NOTICE (Does not apply to PROMO or FREE trainers):

    In an effort to maintain the integrity of the files downloaded from
    our site and to prevent illegal file sharing, this trainer will perform
    an authenticity check while in use. This check requires an Internet
    connection and the trainer will not run if a connection is absent or if
    the trainer is blocked by a security application.


    This check is only performed on trainers that have been personalized for
    individual use, not our PROMO or FREE trainers. If you want/need to use
    the trainer offline, please go to our trainer troubleshooting page for
    instructions on how to obtain an offline key to avoid online checks.

    [Edited by PWizard, 6/17/2018 4:05:32 AM]
    Chris O'Rorke (
    Co-Founder: Cheat
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    Send a message to gabgrave
    gabgrave posted on Nov 26, 2016 6:44:17 AM - Report post
    Based on the beta, the following cheats would be nice besides the usual God Mode and Unlimited Ammo:
    -No cool down for abilities
    -No recoil
    -Easy kills
    -Instant Teleport
    -Quick teammate recovery
    -Full abilities/equipment unlock

    Thank you!
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    Send a message to Automatix
    Automatix posted on Nov 26, 2016 6:28:00 PM - Report post
    A trainer cheat which adds experience would be cool as well, please!

    [Edited by Automatix, 11/26/2016 6:28:45 PM]
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    Send a message to bazilb
    bazilb posted on Nov 27, 2016 2:33:09 AM - Report post
    Honestly i would be happy with just ammo and health perks. Playing through the missions is half the fun. I dont mind waiting for unlocks as long as it doesn't take me six months to get them.
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    Send a message to busybasaz
    busybasaz posted on Nov 28, 2016 5:57:44 PM - Report post
    I'd like to see a beta trainer. 😀
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    Send a message to IntegraHellsing
    IntegraHellsing posted on Nov 28, 2016 6:51:14 PM - Report post

    Trainer is not a valid Win32 application

    Trainer works

    Trainer works but crashes when everything activated and going in to the weapon change menu

    [Edited by IntegraHellsing, 12/14/2016 8:41:03 PM]
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    Send a message to BlutVampir
    BlutVampir posted on Dec 14, 2016 3:42:33 PM - Report post
    CH will deliver proper trainer with all functions which are needed... you only need to wait.
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    Send a message to PerroLoco
    PerroLoco posted on Dec 14, 2016 5:07:19 PM - Report post
    Is there going to be a CH Trainer for this game? Not gonna buy it until then.
    No cerveza, no trabajo
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