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CoSMOS v1.4.0 Released
PWizard  posted on Oct 04, 2016 9:53:43 PM - Report post

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CoSMOS CHangelog v1.4.0.0

Big changes in 1.4.0:

- Added 'Find out what addresses this instruction accesses' to memory viewer
- Changed the way addresses are stored in CoSMOS to CE's method
- Settings are stored in a setting file now and lots of additional settings have been added
- You can pause/resume the target process now
- CoSMOS uses now Capstone disassembler


[+] You can change nearly all colors of the script editor now in settings
[+] You can change syntax highlighting color of memory viewer now in settings
[+] Pressing ESC key will now close the Find AOB dialog
[+] You can change the forecolor of scripts and pointers in stored items in settings now
[+] Added information about the current lines of self written code in about dialog
[+] You can change the register values in memory viewer on breakpoint hit now (or copy them)
[+] In memory viewer the comment section is now auto-filled by Cosmos if no comment has been set. It will read out pointers and convert hex values to decimal
[+] Inspired by x64dbg, added jump/call preview window on mouse hover and/or on selection to memory viewer, visible only if target location is outside of screen
[+] Re-added bookmarks to memory viewer
[+] Added 'Previous' column to scan results used for auto-refreshing values
[+] You can change type of multiple items in scan results at once by selecting them and edit one
[+] [REQUESTED] Added the possibility to (un)pause the selected process
[+] Added a copy button to exception report form
[+] Added support of pointer and strings in DotNet viewer which will be added on double click to stored item list
[+] [REQUESTED] Added possibility to change the temp folder for scan files of CoSMOS in settings
[+] Added pause/unpause on scan checkbox to advanced options
[+] Added a way to hide processes in cosmos. Enter the process name you want to be hidden in the _hideProcesses.txt file in CoSMOS directory
[+] Added an alternative method to retrieve a process icon in case the default method has failed
[+] Added auto complete to process list. When opened you can start typing to quickly select the process you are looking for
[+] Toast notification if a CoSMOS update is available
[+] Inspired by a CE request: Added 'Increase By Enumeration' context menu item where you can increase all selected items by +1 + the incremental of the previous item. So +1 for the first, +2 for the second, +3 for the thirst and so on.

[*] Changed the way of working with addresses. From now on it works the way as CheatEngine. For example by adding addresses you can modify the base like 'address+20'. This however will break some old CoSMOS scripts, sadly. But it improved the support of CheatEngine table and makes it easier for people to work with CoSMOS if they have worked with CheatEngine before
[*] The go to address dialog will now have the current selection address as default text
[*] Separation between addresses and symbols has been removed. You can add them in the same single step.
[*] The address field is now focused when opening the add address dialog so you can start typing immediately
[*] Addresses in 32bit range of a 64bit process will no longer be displayed as a 64bit range. Less zeros making it easier to read
[*] Replaced SharpDisasm disassembler by Capstone disassembler
[*] [REQUESTED] Find AOB dialog will now start by searching within the module you are currently browsing in memory viewer. If you are not within a module it will use the default settings
[*] All settings are now saved in installation directory and all settings can be changed on settings tab
[*] Hide help button on prompts as it is without function
[*] Exception handling on mono injection
[*] Decreased comments column size and increased address column size in memory viewer
[*] Jump line is now dashed and thinner
[*] Auto-refreshing values in scan results is on by default
[*] Changed tab order on exception report form
[*] Improved recognition of hotkeys especially hotkey combinations
[*] Heavily improved speed of opening process list
[*] Process selection window is now resizeable
[*] Small performance improvements here and there
[*] Find out what access/writes will now increase the breakpoint window instead of registers window when changing the window size

[!] Ribbon and some bars no longer reacts to alt key pressed causing some issues with menu hotkeys where alt key was used
[!] [REPORTED] Added an information messagebox if trying to use 'Find out what' on 32-bit process, fixed a possible crash
[!] [REPORTED] CoSMOS freezes on attaching debugger. Please note that the debugger part is still very experimental!
[!] Fixed color changes in scan results disappear to fast
[!] Fixed 'Injection here' marker in scripts goes one opcode too far
[!] [REPORTED] Fixed multiple shortcuts in programs folder created by installer on upgrades
[!] [REPORTED] Added a messagebox if trying to use dotNET feature when the proxy process file does not exist in installation directory, fixed exception [!] Fixed setting breakpoints when debugger is not attached in memory viewer
[!] Fixed messagebox spam if attached process is closed and you scroll to end of line in memory viewer
[!] Fixed crash in memory viewer if you wanted to jump to unexpected addresses
[!] Fixed memory viewer not starts at main module when attached for the first time
[!] Exception is no longer url formatted when copied to clipboard
[!] Fixed add new address dialog can cause a huge lag if not attached to a process
[!] Fixed type of scan result cannot be changed when auto-refresh is active
[!] Fixed pressing CTRL+A in scan results will add all selected items to the stored item list instead of selecting all scan results
[!] Fixed some exceptions when a read value is invalid in several locations in CoSMOS

PWizard  posted on Oct 04, 2016 9:54:11 PM - Report post

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[!] Fixed if you copy and paste an entry in stored items and modify one, both gets modified
[!] Fixed a rare issue where the exception reporter cannot be closed
[!] Fixed crash/freeze when attaching debugger to a Unity based game
[!] Fixed find out what access/writes sometimes shows null as address/opcode
[!] Fixed possible exception in memory dump viewer
teks1  posted on Oct 16, 2016 5:53:50 PM - Report post

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a great tool.
I'm waiting for new features.
"Trainer Creator" option will be great if you added.
FMTopFan  posted on Oct 21, 2016 8:57:08 PM - Report post

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Not sure what the issue is seeing as 1.3.8 worked fine. Was adjusting my club loan debt for FM2017 with 1.3.8 and done so successfully, but when I installed 1.4.0 and clicked on "Select game window" COSMOS just outright crashes.

Restarted PC and ran the Repair option without it fixing the issue. Should I now run your cleanup tool after uninstalling or would you like some further info on this problem?

No errors, this is what it showed at that moment: i.imgur.com/9Oph3Oz.png

Also, the popup to send feedback returns a 404 error: i.imgur.com/pcHQO0O.png


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