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last level
hale  posted on Jan 23, 2005 6:31:06 AM - Report post

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plese help me i die evry where sometimes i die at the end sometimes i diy half way

p.s. plese help me

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zuey  posted on Jan 23, 2005 8:51:04 AM - Report post

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Sorry I would help you if i was that far in the game. Could you give me some tips on how to beat raiding the fortress on north africa???

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hale  posted on Jan 24, 2005 8:48:28 AM - Report post

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well i need to know where u are stuk 1st
zuey  posted on Jan 25, 2005 6:27:23 PM - Report post

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Im stuck at the beginning part of the level...when you have to set the charge.
L. Padilla  posted on Jan 25, 2005 11:53:54 PM - Report post

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You start the level behind the overturned jeep. Turn left and go up the small stairs to the left. Turn right and go up a walkway where you will meet two Allied troopers who say they volunteer to go with you. Straight ahead there is a round building with columns at the top of the stairs. Eliminate the German troopers who are guarding the building. Go inside the building and turn left where you will see a German tank firing at the Allied troops. Shoot the drum barrel to the right of the archway in front of the tank until the barrel explodes blowing up the tank. There is a health pack to your right. Crouch to take it. Stand up and eliminate the German trooper who is down at ground level.

Go back to where you met the two Allied soldiers who volunteered to help you. Pick up a health pack and ammo behind the downed column on the left. Go back towards the round building picking up more ammo and grenades. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and head for the solid fence. Get close to the fence and, aiming with the rifle cross hairs, toss a grenade at the window where one of the machine guns is located. Turn to the right and bounce a grenade off the tall wall to eliminate the machine gun on the ground - for now. All this time German soldiers at the level below and to your right will be shooting at you. Eliminate them while you are taking care of the machine guns. Be careful, when they gang up on you, they can be lethal.

Once the machine guns are knocked out, you need to stop the flow of German soldiers for a few seconds - preferably with grenades - from coming in through the hole on the wall so that you can run to the wall and ignite the explosives to the right of the hole. You have a few seconds to get away as far as you can from the wall because if you don’t, the explosion will blow you away and the mission has failed.

After the explosion seals the wall, eliminate the remaining German soldiers using grenades, including the machine gun at ground level you eliminated a while back. There is another machine gun in back of this machine gun. Bounce a grenade off a wall to eliminate it. You will find ammo and a much needed health pack behind the machine gun barricade. Go up the stairs, eliminate all German resistance and rescue the Allied soldiers who are at the top of the stairs. Look for and pick up any ammo and health packets laying around. Take your time; the rescued Allied soldiers and the rest of your company will wait for you outside the building at the foot of the stairs.

Your mission now is to protect the two rescued Allied soldiers and escort them to the escape tunnel. From the foot of the stairs, work your way to the ground level on the right where the German soldiers were shooting at you when you were throwing grenades at the machine guns. You have to time this next sequence just right because if you don’t, an airplane bomb somewhere between the small stairs and the solid fence will blow you away. Go up the small stairs. Go straight, past the foot of the stairs of the round building to your right until you reach a solid fence and crouch. Germans and Allied forces are fiercely shooting one another on the other side of the fence. Eliminate the Germans in front of you on the other side of the fence, stand up, turn left and run along the side the fence. Be careful not to leave your rescued personnel behind. When you reach the end of the fence, turn right, hug the fence eliminating the opposition as you go. When you get to tank you blew away a while back, get close to it until you see the red explosives marking on the side of it. Ignite the explosives and run for cover. Go under the archway that the tank was blocking and make sure you are in front of your rescued personnel. Eliminate the machine gun and go down the stairs. This is the entrance to the escape tunnel. Your rescued personnel are home free!

L. Padilla  posted on Jan 26, 2005 10:18:39 AM - Report post

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Into the Heartland

Advancing on the bridge is a breeze because the game displays a message on the screen that prompts you to cross the bridge or rings what sounds like a school bell when it’s “safe” to go forward until you near another pocket of German resistance. Also, listening for the bell or watching out for the message before going forward prevents you and your company from getting too far ahead to where you are shelled or eliminated by friendly mortar fire coming from the rear. But the fun really starts when you get to the last of the three overturned trucks on the bridge. Six German machine guns start blazing at anything that moves in front of them. One is nested in the north tower, one in the south tower and four are on the bridge! If you missed picking up the scoped rifle - the G43 - along the way, that’s OK. The tower machine guns can be eliminated with rifle or submachine gun fire if you get close enough to them and aim at the machine gun sparks.

Once the tower machine guns are eliminated, you need to maneuver the bridge to get to the north tower. Pick up the health packs along the way and save as many as you can but don't hesitate to use them. The trick is to crawl on one side of the bridge until downed beams or felled girders or shelled out holes on the bridge floor keeps you from advancing any further. This is when you stand up, preferably under cover behind one of the steel beams and run to the other side of the bridge while the four German machine guns are wailing away towards the middle of the bridge. You may get hit once or twice as you run across the bridge, but don’t panic; your health suffers very little if you do get hit. As you reach the other side, quickly fall to the crawling position and advance toward the machine gun fire again keeping steel beams between you and the machine guns until you reach another obstacle. Stand up under cover if you can and run to the other side of the bridge and so on until you get behind a steel column on the right side of the bridge where you can see a door to your left on the north tower. Use a health pack if you have one and run across the bridge through the door being very careful not to snag yourself on the downed beams on the bridge floor. Immediately crouch or fall down to the crawling position to avoid being hit by the machine gun fire, which can still get you if you remain standing after you go through the door. Eliminate the two or three Germans who will rush at you one at a time after you enter the room.

There will be straight stairs, spiral stairs and scaffolds you will have to work your way through in the north tower. Take your time. Pick your targets from a safe distance and under cover whenever you can. After eliminating the enemy, look around the chambers for ammo and health packs. You are almost at the end of the level - and the game - when you reach a ladder going up in the middle of a circular chamber. Climb the ladder to the top but do not get off the ladder. Instead, quickly climb back down the ladder and prepare to face one or two German soldiers who come down the ladder to investigate and who will fire at you as soon as they hit the ground. Eliminate the German soldiers and climb up the ladder again onto the roof. Neutralize the German or German soldiers manning the machine gun on your left, one of who has his back towards you. Climb onto the AA gun - the one with shoulder harness - and start shooting down the German airplanes. Ignore the message that pops up on the screen. When you have shot down enough planes, the level ends. You have beaten the game and, depending on the level of difficulty the game was played, you have unlocked some cheat codes!

chris99ball3  posted on Jul 23, 2006 10:16:08 PM - Report post

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forget that just exit that lv and if you have a sec. controller press up on it and press start back*2 x and you have to finesh the last lv.
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