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Borderlands 2
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    spmass posted on Aug 14, 2016 1:50:31 PM - Report post
    I realize this is an older game, so most folks aren't interested. However, after I posted questions regarding the trainer customizer, I think I figured out how to use it.
    Yesterday, after I believe I got it working, I was able to play the game and use the trainer with no issues. Today, I log in (through Steam)start the trainer and the game, and now the trainer causes the game to "lock up". For instance, I was enabling the weak target feature, which worked, but once it did, my mouse stopped working all together. Ended up deleting everything then reloading the game thinking perhaps when I attempted to use the customizer, I somehow managed to mess with game parameters. However, after I reloaded the game and played a few minutes, everything appeared ok. So I restarted the trainer without customizing any keys thinking perhaps this is what caused the issue. Nope, same exact problem. I can't imagine this particular problem is a windows 10 issue, as I've had Win10 now for nearly a year and have no problems with it at all. For instance, I also run Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 with trainers and don't have any problem. If anyone reads this, I could certainly use some assistance here. There is no way of contacting anyone in charge on this site without submitting a "request" which I don't believe this warrants. This game and these trainers have been around for some time.
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    PWizard posted on Aug 14, 2016 5:01:47 PM - Report post
    This could be something like your AV, firewall or other security software attempting to block certain types of injection into the game's memory. Make sure you disable all of that and right click run as admin on trainer. Second, I would do a verify game cache or delete and re-download the game from Steam as you may have a corrupted file. Otherwise, with no other users complaining of such an issue, there's not much else we can do to help.
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