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Clarification needed
B4Marc  posted on Aug 13, 2016 5:22:43 PM - Report post

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"1. Scripts are mostly free to use. Premium members are still allowed to mark their own topics as Premium Only and staff will not reverse the decision unless the topic creator asks us to." (Link)

Ignorant as I can be, I wonder:

1) "mostly free"?, what would make a script monetized?

2) "Premium members"?, I'm only a "Lifetime" member (not even "Lifetime Plus", cannot afford it), what is this new appellation? Is "Premium members" a different option?

Hope my questions will help me and others to clearly understand those new rules

Neo7  posted on Aug 13, 2016 5:43:43 PM - Report post

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If a premium member provides a script and marks the topic as premium only, free members will not have access to it. That's what it means.

Another user can release a 2nd script to compete with that though.

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PWizard  posted on Aug 13, 2016 7:20:24 PM - Report post

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We took the money we made from memberships and spent it on making CoSMOS a FREE tool for everyone to use. We never had any monetization plans for it and still do not. Every script released by our staff will be free for everyone to download. If a premium user of the site writes a script and decides that he only wants other premium members to have access to it, that is his prerogative just like any other post that can be marked premium. However, nothing makes the script itself premium. If that same script is uploaded somewhere else it will load just fine in CoSMOS. We have no restrictions in place on script importing. I would even encourage all of our members, premium or free, to release their scripts to the public.

We're trying to do something good here for the community. We saw an opportunity to make what we felt was a more user friendly self-service tool so that people didn't have to rely so much on our already overworked and overstressed staff to create and update 700 trainers a month when it could be done with just a few clicks using our application. We spent days making over 25 tutorial videos to help people use the product. We've written scripts that people have requested and done all of this FOR FREE. We went out of our way to make sure that everything we used for creating CoSMOS was done legally and in compliance with the open source licenses in use. We've given credit to everyone that had any part in the creation of code used in CoSMOS. However, certain people believe that we have stolen or used code from unmentioned sources and even went to the developer of one of the open source libraries and accused us of using it improperly. All of this because we try to make something FREE for people to use. Just for the record, CoSMOS as of right now has over 40,000 lines (blanks not included) of self-written code. We just can't seem to win sometimes regardless of what we do or how we do it and it's pretty damn hurtful.

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B4Marc  posted on Aug 14, 2016 6:08:19 AM - Report post

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I have to thank you both, Neo7 and PWizard, for a clear and explanatory response.

I think more people should know about the generosity some of us (humans) can donate to a growing community, worldwide, of enthusiast Cheat Happens followers in need of making their life a little less stressful/paranoid/miserable/painful.

Publicity is the key, all my friends and "facebook friends" are aware of the new free CoSMOS memory scanner engine with a direct link to the appropriate webpage (Link), more could propagate the good news in different format/platforms.

I tried Steam, it was an instant deletion, some feel robbed of the value of their gaming "achievements", they do not play for the fun but for "recognition" (questionable).

It's still too early to be disappointed, I think this piece of jewel will be The Tool everyone will use in the future, CE is for more advanced coders, CoSMOS is right where needed: the majority of PC gamers, it's a winner

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