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  Remember Me Game Review
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    ServiusTheBear posted on May 17, 2016 3:03:53 AM - Report post
    Story: Set in the year 2084 in Paris which is called Neo Paris. You can hear that in game. It revolves around a Corpotation called Memorize that invented a brain implant called Sensen. Which allows the user to upload, share and edit the unpleasent memories. This gives Memorize a fair deal of control over the population. This in turns turns the City into a surveillance state. But with all surveillance states there usually is a group that do not aggree. In this we have a group of rebeles forming under the name Errorists. They basicly want to bring Memorize down.

    So to start you are Nilin a female Errorist imprisoned in a fortress called Bastille. Where you nearly have all your memories wiped by Memorize. In the final part of having the remaining memories wiped. You are saved/helped to escape the fortress by a man called Edge who turns out to be the leader of the Errorists. Edge explains that you are special and are gifted, able to Steal and remix memories. You are taken through the Story. Guided by Edge who you only hear over your com device. After doing your first remix on the bounty hunter Olga you set on your path to bring down Memorize.

    The Graphics: The game was brought to us back in June 2013. I remember playing it on my laptop and I was impressed back then. I can say now that I have played it again on my new rig built back in June 2015. The game still holds up for me. Very Impressive in my view. There is some things that can be improved on. But that is always there.

    Game play: Its not openworld. Its got plently of action which can get a bit repeating but when in that mood to kick butt is very satisfying, combined with the combo lab which allows you to set up your own fighting style pre say. It has amazing memory sences were you get to remix memories trying different ways to reach that goal. The voice acting was good from what was there. Would have been nice to have more characters to interact with. Seeing more of the group to. Even a base of sorts.

    Controls: I tend to use mouse n Keyboard because thats what I mainly skilled myself in. Well this game certainly covers that. Allowing you to mess with your bindings. It does appear that it supports gamepads.

    The Music: The music. What can I say. I have listend to many. From games like Morrwind, Fallout, Mass effect and they all have the inpacting music tracks, that just stick with you and fit the game. Well with Remember me, it did that to. It showed its style and futuristic grace very well. It certainly fits the game nicely. I do love it when a sound track fits.

    The Reply Value: Would I play it again. Yes, I would the story hooked me the character Nilin. Yeah shes hot, but it was also the fact what happened to her and the time setting to. Plus now that I have noticed they are pretty much wanting to do Remember Me 2. But supposidly no longer viable with Capcom. I am hoping they change their mind or even have another publisher. Who will give the support. As I would defo replay this one again. Even now I would replay it agian. Just like some of the other games I have play them once a year and repeatedly enjoy them.

    Bug/Glitches: I did notice one thing but might have just been a sound issue on my side than the game. At two points the game sound just went out with like a little pop. But came back if you went to the game menu and back into the game. Not sure if thats just my sound system trolling me or the game. Other than that there was nothing that really poped out at me.

    Overall: Story is great, graphics are lovely, game play is good defo room for improvement and maybe bit more openworld. Defo more interaction to and characters. Controls perfectly fine. Music just minted. Replay value defo there. Plus if they bring in number 2. Bugs/Glitches as I said propably just my sound system. But it did not really effect my game enjoyment much at all. I have to say I give this game a 9 paws out of ten. This is certainly a game I would recomend.
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