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Official Trainer Thread  Need for Speed 2016 Trainer
crysisheld  posted on Sep 25, 2016 5:14:45 AM - Report post

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Hi there,

tried everything but the trainer always says game not found and flashes red.

I rebooted my PC started the trainer started Origin started the game and it does not find the game? All other trainers I use work perfectly from this site but only the NFS trainer makes me madd.

Please help :/

PWizard  posted on Sep 25, 2016 8:01:09 AM - Report post

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The trainer is looking for NFS16.exe to be running. If you have a different version, edition or bought it from some other source that what the trainer is programmed for then it may not work. Right click run as admin on trainer, run game, alt tab to desktop, verify that NFS16.exe is in your list of running apps/processes, press F1 to activate while still at the desktop. If you get trainer activated then alt tab back to game and use options. If still game not found then either NFS16.exe is not running or something is blocking it like AV, firewall or other security software.
kimkl2002  posted on Oct 16, 2016 1:46:00 PM - Report post

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I was using Freeze opponent and just before check point 19/20 was about to turn it off I did not make it as soon as i drove over checkpoint 19 out of 20 Game Crashed can't remember the course name was an easy one but takes forever to get there since its on the bottom island, so either i was not meant to beat opponents or i had freeze on to long "never been an issue before have had it on all the time 2 hrs or so without crash" or Trainer needs a small update btw Trainer Rox when it works
And i wish Teleport works but car always bursts into flame or goes through the ground building what ever have been soo since the first version so wondering why teleport is in the trainer still when its not doing as its suppose to
I could be doing something wrong ofc but tried with and without No Damage btw that also needs tweaking because if you buy the Ford old school have it set close to ground then if you hit a small bump or rock car goes through the Ground shame so i always keep that off because it says no Damage not sure what does not take damage because my car will explode all the time with No Damage so hehe
kimkl2002  posted on Oct 25, 2016 7:00:42 AM - Report post

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The Trainer has a problem i can reproduce 100% when you run the Torgue easy
and have freeze opponent just after checkpoint 18/20 there is a band left and you can see the 19/20 check same spot every time the Game Crashes so cant be a coincidence i have had no problems with any other Races having Freeze opponent on, so have not tried running Torgue without Freeze on so either your not suppose to win or something story related is supposed to happend, can anyone tell me if your suppose to win Torgue and its just a normal Race its the quest Manu gives so perhaps first time you race your not suppose to win.
If you are the trainer has a snag with that bend left after 18/20 and just when you see 19/20 checkpoint.
As i said i can reproduce it 100%

[Edited by kimkl2002, 10/25/2016 7:02:11 AM]

kimkl2002  posted on Oct 25, 2016 7:14:31 AM - Report post

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Would be nice if the Teleport feature was removed and replaced with, i know freeze timer and that crap wont work, but if you could get the teleport code to work use it for making a feature that will teleport you ahead of the AI so if you crash you get teleported to the front somehow could be tricky ofc since you also have to hit the check point so should be some sort of ghostmode that accelerates you while in "Ghost mode"from your crash point to the front.
But since neither no damage or teleport works atm its prob wishful dreaming and not really needed i like the trainer as it is now and see no point in either getting free cash or freeze timer free cash will ruin any game for me i stop enjoying the game and just buy cars so am glad its not lets say "possible" atm
libastral  posted on Nov 13, 2016 3:59:47 PM - Report post

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Yeah the waypoint teleport option either doesn't work or crashes the game. It would be cool if it could teleport you to the next checkpoint instantly to beat time trial races easy.
Also, is it possible to add a cheat for rep and unlock all upgrades for car? And since money can't be added, maybe make it so all parts and cars cost $0 somehow?
kimkl2002  posted on Nov 18, 2016 11:32:33 PM - Report post

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You need more then rep to unlock parts i am lvl 70, and like to drive fast problem is i am not very good at avoiding cars, at that speed.
And i always crash just before last CP on time trials because i see the damn clock ticking, so i get itch fingers a hit something hehe i really hate time trials.

And you need to do the mission to unlock, parts thats why a teleport to the front again would be nice,
And my keyboard would be glad to because when you loose by 2 sec on a hard time trial for parts well poor keyboard.

I do think its possible to make a multiplier, because i have seen a glitch where someone found a place to "hang" the the damn thing just keep going, the spot was fixed in a patch so will not work anymore.

As for cash well i have the deluxe nfs so i keep selling my inbox parts, still takes a long time because i spent the money as fast as i make them and then find out car sux sell it get only a fraction of the cost back.

But if you could somehow "hover" in the air the multiplier would just keep going up,
But as i said i am lvl 70 and stuck at the hard "missions" now which must be endgame

libastral  posted on Nov 20, 2016 2:51:43 PM - Report post

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Yeah cash is not a problem anymore, I got $300k just by selling parts each time, anyway the Beck hotrod is the fastest car and it requires no tuning and fiddling. Sometimes I press Num6, my car falls through the ground and I get a rep bonus, it said "daily challenge complete" once which was something like "drift 200 yards in one go". Maybe they could add some option to fly to earn rep for air time infinitely.
Also it would be nice if the trainer had some cheat for gymkhana to earn drift points easily, those are the hardest events IMO.
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