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please help
Deakin  posted on Jan 30, 2004 7:44:59 AM - Report post

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Well u can say that... But the sidedoor can't open in the game but it opends in the garage when I test it??? Maby it's a bug...!!
..one more!!
Time2  posted on Jan 30, 2004 1:44:56 PM - Report post

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Hey... every times I'll play Monster Garage, after 5min. come a error this one.

!Thread::evalName: null.methodcall() at file "LScrewDialog;" at line 387

but why ???
WyZe-$TyLeZ  posted on Jan 30, 2004 2:20:45 PM - Report post

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here to ev1 that needs the help to pass a level
Monster Garage

level 1

Rock Crawler

4 Monster tires
2 Sparco racing seats
1 Heavy duty rear axle
1 Safety fuel cell
1 Heavy duty front axle
4 Heavy Duty 40"coil over

2 Steel tubes (IRL would take about 10)

1 Steel tube to make front suspension frame
1 Steel tube to make roll cage

Hit lift button, remove tires. Steel should be in stock, click on dudes have them make front suspension and rool cage. Then remove front and rear axles, shocks. Remove hood, grill, bumper, L&R fenders, drag fenders and grill to dudes to mod. attempt to open rear door, cutoff, then dump tail gate to guy to mod. REMOVE ALL GLASS, remove roof have dude once again mod. (optional) Remove L&R rear quarters and have them mod em. Remove rear floor (not needed in reassmebly) Cut front engine clip off (not needed)

Weld in front suspension frame (one dude made). Install roll cage (weld in place) Install 40" blue coil over shocks, axles, fuel cell. As dudes get done mod quarters (all 4 weld in place) weld in rear moded rear tailgate and front grill. install 2 seats, doors. Weld in roof. Should see a message saying good job. Move on to day 7

Good luck!!

Level 2


Careful while clicking rapidly through the menu for the parts to be made. I received lots of Critical errors and crashes, so you may want to save your progress after each part completion.

parts(You Need, Dont buy all, not enough $$)

1 Left ski
1 Right Ski
2 Snowtracks
2 engines
2 Steel chains
2 Sprokets
4 Short hydralics
2 Brake Disc+Calipers
2 Brake Levers

Makeable Crap (breakdown)

Drivetrain Left Track 8 hours
1 40"Steel tube
1 Brake Disc+Caliper
1 Sporket
1 Steel Chain

Drivetrain Right Track 8 hours
1 40"Steel Tube
1 Brake Disc+Caliper
1 Sporket
1 Steel Chain

Hector Stick 30 mins
1 40"Steel Tube
1 20x20 Inch Sheet Metal
2 Brake Levers

Roll Cage 11 hours
3 120 Inch Steel Tube

Track Frame 6 hours
1 120 Inch Steel Tube
30 Aluminum Wheels
6 80 Inch Angle Iron

L & R Track frame Suspension
4 Short Hydralics
1 40 Inch Angle Iron

Mounting Frame For Engines
3 80 Inch Angle iron

2 Snowtracks
1 Master Cyliners
2 Engines
2 steel Chains
2 Sprokets
4 Short Hydralics
2 Brake Disc+Calipers
2 Brake Levers

3 40 Inch Tube
4 120 Inch Tube
1 20x20 Inch Sheet metal
3 Aluminum Cylinders

Have dude make Roll Cage, 11 hours to make? He should be ashamed of himself! Would take Joe TooThless mechniX about an hour.
Open door, remove front seats. By this time steel and aluminum will be in parts bin.
Drag and drop Aluminum blocks to dudes to make wheels.

Remove rear seat, door panels, Interior carpeting. Open tailgate remove liner on inside (look under tailgate black plastic liner)

passanger seat, rear seat, carpeting, L & R door panels and tailgate liner
Now you have some cash to go after the remaining crap you need.

Left Ski
Right Ski,
1 40 Inch Angle Iron
9 80 Inch angle iron

Rear Bumper, cut trunk area out.
Have dude make Track Frame, L & R Track Frame Suspension

Bolt in Roll Cage

Have dudes make L & R Drivetrains (2 seperate guys).
Weld in both Track Frame Suspensions.
Have dude make hector Stick.
Have dude make mounting frame for engines.

L & R Front Skis and master cylinders.
By this time Hector Stick should be done, install that.
Install Track Frame, click on snowtracks and they install like magic.
Install Engine Frame, L & R Drivetrains, Engines. Replace Rear Bumper and Drivers Seat and you should see Great Progress. Move on to day 7 cutomize that ride.

Hit TAB to drop tracks and off you go! 3 checkpoints

WyZe-$TyLeZ  posted on Jan 30, 2004 2:23:30 PM - Report post

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more levels help

Level 3

Swamp Buggy

1 Flat 4 Engine
1 Actuator Hydralic Arm
1 AB Foam

1 Steel Tube
9 Sheet Metal
2 Angle iron

Makeable Crap (Breakdown)

Front Bumper Support
1 Steel Tube

Custom Front Bumper
2 Sheet Metal

Custom Left Sideskirt
1 Sheet Metal

Custom Right Sideskirt
1 Sheet Metal

1 Sheet Metal

Wing 5 hours x2
2 Sheetmetal

Base Frame For Hydralics 8 hours
1 Sheet Metal
1 Angle Iron

Sliding Frame For Flat Engine 10 hours
1 Sheet metal
2 Angle Iron

1 Flat 4 Engine
1 Actuator Hydralic Arm
1 AB Foam

1 Steel Tube
8 Sheet Metal

Have dude make Front Bumper Support Frame, Custom Bumper, L & R SideSkirts.

Front Seats, Rear Seat, Interior Carpeting and Radio.

Rear Seat, Interior Carpeting, Radio.

1 Sheet Metal
3 Angle Iron

Open rear hatch, cut lower panel off AND SAVE!
Have dudeete or dude make Propeller, wing and Base Frame
Remove Front Bumper. Weld Front Bumper Support in place.
Weld L & R Sideskirts on.
Have dude make 2nd Wing
Have dude make Sliding Frame For Engine
Weld Front Bumper on. Weld Base Frame in, install Actuator Hydralic Arm, click on AB Foam (seals cracks), Install Sliding Frame For Engine.
Install Engine, Prop, Wings
Weld Lower hatch peice back onto hatch.
Reinstall BOTH front seats, GREAT PROGRESS!
Proceeed to day 7 to customize that jaunt

TailPipe extention is available in the Freebies section at the end, along with Gummi-Gator(Makes no diffence with or without)

10 gates to check through, almost a zig-zag pattern, constant moving left to right will eat up the clock.

Level 4

Wheelie Ambulance

Parts(BUY, Engine rebuilt bu Jessie)
1 Vee-Drive
8 110lb weights
2 66lb weights

5 Steel tube
4 Angle Iron

Makable Crap (Breakdown)

Weight Holders
1 Steel Tube

4 Steel Tubes

Engine Frame
4 Angle Iron

Have dude make Weight Hangers.
Have dude make RollCage.
Have dude make Engine Frame.

Remove Medical Crap in back, Passenger Seat, Hood, Grill and Front Bumper.
Lift up and remove Rear Tires and Axle.

Remove Engine and give to any available dude.

Medical Crap, Passenger Seat, Engine. (not nedded but if you like)

Open back doors, cut hole in floor.
Give dude Axle to mod.

Weld in Vee-Drive, Engine Frame, Moded Rear Axle. Replace tires.
Bolt in RollCage.
Weld in Weight Holders (Both sides).
Replace Front Bumper,Hood and Grill.
Install weights.
Install Engine. GREAT PROGRESS
WyZe-$TyLeZ  posted on Jan 30, 2004 2:29:01 PM - Report post

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about that error go get the no-cd/fixed exe from GBW (Games burn world) and that should fix ur little prob

Martijn  posted on Jan 30, 2004 2:43:22 PM - Report post

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Okay, one more time on the mower

I seem to have the same problem as alot of others here: mower looks done, except for big gap at the back. Hints say all kinds of stuf about switchblade holder....

I know that some people here have finished the darn thing, please take some time to explain how

Thanx in advance :-)
Martijn  posted on Jan 31, 2004 2:34:10 AM - Report post

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Never mind, I got it already. Forgot the rear bumper(how dumb am I :uhh

Just finished the last mission, I found that one quite easy actually. Even managed to pick up the 100 golf balls in the first try (with 0,6 secs left on the timer ) weird thing is that I havent even used the canon, kinda wondering what that thing was for in the first place

By the way, does anyone know if there will be add-ons (eg extra missions) for this game??

CEO  posted on Jan 31, 2004 3:34:15 AM - Report post

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I completed the swamp buggy, but i have a problem! I can't accelerate or steer with it when i pressed TAB and the propelor is out..

Is this something with my controls?? Driving on land is no problem..
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