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Locked Topic  Request Points on rehash of a game
Vorless123  posted on Jul 02, 2015 10:06:27 PM - Report post

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I made a similiar post that got denied and locked by the "DenialWizard" himself so I will probably get and infraction for this like every post I make.

So How to Survive, a popular survival game is getting a third person standalone. It just came out today and already sold over 25,000 copies.

It is going to be on the same engine and same game, just new textures and in third person. The base game is finished already made and out there, this is basically just a new way to play.

They set the amount of points at 12000, which is WAY to high for a game that isnt an early access game or a game with little to no fanbase.

This game has tons of fans and a big community, it just released today July second and already sold 25,000 coies.

So I made a post about it, requesting it be lowered. Not to like Call of Duty levels, just lowered. Afterall this is basically a mod of a finished game.

Well within minutes it was denied and locked, 0 explantion given.

For a website that charges for trainers for SINGLE PLAYER games, the customer support I have experienced has been dreadful, I've gotten infractions for doing basically nothing wrong and its all from the same person. PWizard. He is fast to reply and active, but rude and heartless.

Neo7  posted on Jul 02, 2015 10:40:14 PM - Report post

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From the Requests Page:

Each game will have a credit goal assigned based on game popularity, difficulty in training and history of updates from the game developer.

The point threshold for that game will not be changed. Topic locked.

PS: Martyring in your posts is a violation in of itself on the forums. This will be the lone warning you get from me on that. We do take you up on what you post per your request:

9) DO NOT MARTYR YOURSELF - This is the equivalent of putting a huge sign saying "please ban me" and will be treated as such. Martyring is when you say "I'll (probably) get banned for this..." or "Ban me, I don't care" or "Sorry that I ever registered here" or etc. As soon as we see this kind of message, mods will now immediately stop reading whatever it is you posted or PMed and proceed to ban you. You're not going to get any preferable treatment or decision reversed by being a drama queen as such (only a one way ticket out).

[Edited by moderator Neo7, 7/2/2015 10:44:22 PM]

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